It is no secret that men are lovers of automobiles, perhaps that’s why they ended up making one in the first place, however, men are not the only ones that do love cars, but what makes the choice of men quite unique?

Vintage Car - TowtrucknearmeOne of the first things that attracts a man to a car is the speed level, in addition to this, they also look out for the most attractive designs as well as the type of style that would catch attention of ladies. However, it should be known that not all men are in for speed style and modern stuffs, some men just prefer to keep it simple and classic. This may seem rather weird to many people as these set of people tend to spend a considerable fortune trying to acquire them, perhaps it is the look or the history behind then car or even perhaps the smell of it that turns them on.
Irrespective of what the reason for their preferences may be, this write up has attempted to come up with a list of 10 cars that seem to be favorites among vintage car lovers. Certainly these cars would create a real competition for the attention of any man with his spouse. Below is a list of such cars

    • 1955-1957 Chevrolet Bel Air:

      This car received wide recognition as at the time the second generation was inaugurated, it is a classic car. It was a top choice among car buffs back then due to its cheap price which was about 2,000 dollars as at then, it also was a delight among car lovers due to its cozy interior, its large capacity and very good visibility. Also its acceleration was quite incredible for a car in that generation; it was recorded to have acceleration of 0 to 60 mph within 12 seconds

    • Lamborghini Countach (1974-1989):

      This unique sports car came in the form of a two door beauty, although taking a look at it now would give the impression of an old school not too attractive car, however, back then it was nothing less than a wonder to behold. The car comes big in size, very fast, and surely looks cool to drive in. also it was a high performance car that was limited in edition hence its popularity. It was recognized as one of the best ten sports cars of the 1970’s.

    • Lincoln Continental (1961-1969):

      This car is one car that would certainly drive any guy into dream line; it certainly has the capacity and looks to make anyone dream of dreaming of becoming the president of America. The car became famous due to its appearance in movies such as Spider Man 2, Goldfinger, Hit and run. It sure has the kind of quality that would make it a forever relevant car.

    • Toyota 2000GT (1967-1970):

      this car was a joint venture between Yamaha and Toyota, it was initially though out by a German designer named Albrecht Goertz who had experience as a staff of Nissan motors. Its classic heritage stems from its unique interior and exterior characteristics. Also, it came with a 2.0 L straight-6, which produced about 150 horsepower. It also has the record of winning the 1967 Fuji 24 hour Race competition.

    • BMW 507 (1956-1959):

      This German car was indeed a grand traveling ride, it came in two particular Variants: it came first in form of two seat convertible and also as a four seat coupe. The designer of the car was the famous Albert Goertz the designer of the Toyota GT2000 model. The price was tagged as about 5,000 dollars although added costs such as shipping and handling skyrocketedthe price to about 10,000 dollars. The most unique thing about the car is the fact that only 252 units were sold in the American market.

    • 1951-1954 Hudson Hornet:

      these car was launched by the Hudson Motor Car company of Detroit and it came in a number of variants namely: the coupe, sedan, and also the convertible. A very unique thing about this car was its very large interior, it could easily carry about six individuals, it also came with a 5.0 L engine which produced up to 170 horse power

  • Dodge Challenger R/T (1970-1974):

This car has some semblance looks like others created by Cadillac mainly due to its size. It is quite narrow and can be gotten as either a convertible or a hardtop. It was specifically designed to be of optimum performance, it also came with different horse power ratings staring from 335 to about 426HP.

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