Towing of a vehicle that is technically known as a dinghy

Towing by four wheel downIt is basically done either by a four wheel down method or through a two wheel down which is simply known as a dolly or a trailer.

In the first one which is the four wheels down towing, the front part of the tow vehicle has a mounting plate adaptor which is installed into it. The function of the adaptor plate is to get connected at two places of a tow bar which is in turn attached to the trailer’s hitch. The steering of the towed vehicle is left free and due to the castor and camber that is designed into the front ends of the vehicle, the towed vehicle automatically follows the direction of the tow. This method incorporates quite simple and quick connection and disconnection.

The other method which is simply known as a dolly or a trailer is basically towing with only two wheels on the road making use of a small two wheels trailer which is called a dolly.

In this technique the front or the rear two wheels depending upon the choice are driven onto the trailer while the dolly similar to any trailer follows in line with the tow vehicle. The system on the whole is just like a four wheeled trailer with an extended wheelbase as compared to the normal ones. This is a bit complicated in connection and disconnection in comparison to the former method but still does not take more than 10 minutes to complete.

There is one more method which is simply towing through a trailer but this method is generally suggested only for transporting expensive cars, bikes, extreme off-road vehicles, golf cart or multiple kayaks. This system adds in a lot of arrangement costs and a much reduced flexibility and is not at all suitable for camping or towing of small vehicles and transportations.

Moving towards the pros and cons of the first two techniques, they both have their own advantages and disadvantages and it is up to the requirement of the situation that you can select between the two.

A four wheel down towing has the advantage of simple installation

And has little space issues while on the other hand the same becomes a disadvantage for the two wheel down towing which requires extended time for its installation which also adds in a lot of hassle and at the same time it also brings in much pace issues.

The advantage of a tow dolly is the little installation and purchase cost required and enough flexibility that is allowed in the process. This is in contrast to the four down towing which is a costly mean and becomes a disadvantage for this method in addition to the modification of the vehicle that is required. Another disadvantage of the four wheels down towing is the problem that is faced during braking which cannot be resolved by any means except by maintaining sufficient feet of difference between vehicles.

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