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You may feel of a very cold place when you think about Nevada, but then you remember that it’s a desert and you feel completely wrong about it. You also may think about night life, money and having a lot of fun! Nevada is a state known for its two most popular cities which are Las Vegas and Reno. Most of its landscapes are deserts but it’s an excellent place for vacation and actually one of the most preferred.

The first place you should visit when you go to Nevada is the Nevada Museum of Art, an unusual yet remarkable building with a lot to offer to its visitors. The museum have plenty of both exhibits, rotating and permanent ones. The admission is only ten dollars and there’s free parking, you can go on guided tours. An excellent way to begin your Nevada reconnaissance.

Another relevant thing about Nevada is that it’s the best location for viewing ancient Native American rock art in the form of petroglyphs and pictographs, a major part of them is thousands of years old. Remember not to touch the art and maintain a respectful distance, these delicate pieces of art should be taken care of if we want them to prevail for more thousands of years.

Before leaving Nevada, don’t forget to drop by Las Vegas and stop at a Casino so you can try your luck. One of the most popular ones is the Red Rock Resort, an emblematic and very appealing casino hotel.

Knowing all these things about Nevada, you can start thinking that a trip to Nevada is the kind of experience you’ve been looking for. And that may be quite accurate, going to Reno or Las Vegas is the best promise of a fun and memorable trip.

Right Choice?

Keep your road trip going with quality towing services in Nevada

Nevertheless, precautions are always a great thing to keep in mind before travelling. There are miles and miles of desert you’ll be crossing and if something happens to your car it can become a great concern. But never mind! With our assistance we assure no accident will ruin your trip! Call us and we’ll be there in no time!

Most people think that needing a tow in the middle of the desert is going to cost you a fortune. Well, that may be true but with Tow Truck Near Me that’s not true! We know you’re surely expecting a tow in Nevada would cost you even $125 dollars but we have the most competitive prices in the market! And not only that, you can count on us until the very last minute of the day, we offer 24 hour emergency tow so forget about sleeping on the side of the road!

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