Locating a Towing Company In Your Area

Finding the closest, most affordable tow truck service near you at the best time

Finding the best towing company on the roadIt’s late at night, and you’re trying to get home from work. Maybe you work nights, or maybe you’ve been working late. Either way, you’re tired, visibility is low, and you’re not being as careful as you should. Does this sound familiar?

Whether it’s a situation like that or one of a dozen other possibilities, getting into an accident while driving is always harrowing. It can be more harrowing still when you’re having a difficult time locating a tow truck in your area.

There are a few ways to avoid this problem. One is to have a good cell phone with great coverage. But the other is to have an idea of what you’re looking for and who you can call before you’re in an emergency situation.

What a Good Towing Company Can Offer

At its most basic, a good towing company offers customers the chance to get their disabled vehicles off the road. Hopefully, before they’re impounded by the authorities. A good towing company will typically offer this service on a twenty-four-hour basis. One never knows when their vehicle will fail and need quick towing services.

If a towing company isn’t associated with an auto repair shop, they will also typically offer to hold onto a vehicle until an auto-shop opens. Sometimes this is an extra fee, but it’s usually a standard service. If a towing company is associated with an auto repair shop, the vehicle is typically brought there immediately, to be worked on by the mechanics once the vehicle has its turn to be examined and repaired.

the other is to have an idea of what you’re looking for and who you can call before you’re in an emergency situation.

Typically, good towing companies also have connections to groups like the American Automotive Association. When automotive support groups like AAA are called to examine a broken down vehicle, they will often recommend a local towing company. These companies are typically reliable, though sometimes exceptions do emerge. Even so, AAA is known for taking care of its members. So if they suggest a towing company, they’re likely solid.

Towing a Car

Most towing companies specialize in hauling cars of various sizes. That said, not all companies can manage to haul a particularly large car such as a plush humvee which typically calls for a towing service or at the very least an exceptionally powerful tow truck. The process starts with the tow truck driver using a specialized hook on a chain.

The hook is attached to a winch that is run by a motor powerful enough to lift an entire car. Once the hook is attached to chains secured beneath the front of the car, the winch pulls the car up without damaging it. While damage does happen on occasion, generally tow truck insurance companies cover the compensation of that sort of event.

Once that’s done, the vehicle is put into neutral so its back wheels can move. Then it’s down the road and the car is towed to the shop or lot the towing company is associated with.

Towing a Truck

A towing company that can tow a truck is somewhat less common, but they do exist. These companies typically use either very powerful versions of tow trucks. They have equipment heavy duty enough to left and pull a truck or other type of specialized vehicle.

These vehicles are intended to not pull the truck off the road. Instead, they’re designed to use a similar method as towing cars to pull the truck on a flatbed trailer. The chain is much larger and more sturdy, but it only has to do a small amount of work. Once the truck is in the trailer, it no longer has to move. Then it’s carried to the lot or auto repair shop.

Towing a Motorcycle

The process of towing a motorcycle off the road is generally far more simple and requires much like impressive equipment. A damaged motorcycle is typically propped up and put into neutral by the tow truck driver and pushed onto a small trailer. If the motorcycle is heavy enough or damaged enough, they will use the winch to pull it on.

Then they use specialized straps in order to tighten down the motorcycle. This equipment is intended to keep the motorcycle from falling out of the trailer, which is a legitimate threat to both the truck driver and those drivers behind the truck.

Locating A Towing Truck Near You

Finding a towing company that can get to you quickly isn’t always easy. Different cities have different problems. Tow trucks in Chicago have a difficult time due to traffic congestion. The Kennedy Expressway was rated the worst traffic bottleneck in the United States, and the rest of the city isn’t much better.

A Minneapolis towing company, or a Saint Paul towing company, are going to have a hard time getting through construction. It seems as if the roads are always under repair in those cities, and if the accident happens in a construction zone then it’s even more difficult!

So the best way to ensure you know how to get a tow truck quick is to look around before you leave. Take fifteen or twenty minutes to plan your route and then find tow companies nearby. It may seem tedious, but it will be much easier to do before an accident than after. After an accident is a stressful, terrifying time at the best of times. The last thing you want to do is try to find a tow truck close by when you’re in that state of mind.

No one is excited at the idea of needing a tow truck. Tow trucks offer services that you only need in an emergency. If the world was a good and just world, you would never need to hire a tow truck in your entire life.

Unfortunately, the world is not good and just, and you will probably need a tow truck at some point in your life. So make sure you take the time to find out what’s near your route before you leave the house. Otherwise, you may discover that you’re waiting a lot longer on the side of the road than you had anticipated.

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