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Did you know that the entire movie of “Jumanji” was set and filmed in the state of New Hampshire? Hopefully, there will be no elephants in the middle of the street when you come to visit! But there will surely be some great attractions and places to go to.

Even though New Hampshire is not such a large state, and it can actually be quite small in size, it’s an excellent option to have fun and enjoy natural resources. If you’re visiting New Hampshire on an RV then you’ll see a handful of parks where you can stay and enjoy great attractions. A great example is the Umbagog Lake State Park, an amazing and very popular destination. You can park your RV and enjoy a big number of amenities. The Umbagog Lake is known for being an excellent option to go kayaking, you can also swim, fish and relax on the sandy shore the park offers. You’ll get some of the best views in New Hampshire in this park.

If you feel hungry during your visit to New Hampshire you have some interesting options for restaurants you can visit. If you feel like having a fancy dinner then you should try the Surf Restaurant, as its name lets know, they’re specialists in sea food. You’ll find some interesting dishes in the menu as well as a very interesting selection of sushi. Nevertheless, there are some other options aside seafood, you can visit The Common Man and try some of the best national and international dishes along with a cup of fine wine. Even though desserts are delightful, the most interesting proposition from this menu is surely the Italian food.

For a more juvenile experience you can also visit a water park. Even though there are not many of these parks in New Hampshire, they are of a very high quality. Water Country is undoubtedly the largest outdoor water park in New England. It works every day of the year and it has a number of attractions such as the canobie lake, the amusement area and Hampton beach where you can enjoy the Sun and the water any time of the year.

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New Hampshire is not such a big state, but as there are many attractions and touristic destinations it’s important that people take care of their vehicles while driving. During your trip you don’t need to worry about anything bad happening, but in case you need a tow you can call Tow Truck Near Me and we’ll be there in less than what it takes to say “New Hampshire”

If you came to visit the state riding your motorcycle and for some reason it’s not starting anymore you don’t need to worry either, we’ll be there to assist you and if it doesn’t start we’ll take it to the best workshop around. We know how important your vehicles are for you so leave them in the best hands!

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