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Georgia is called the Peach State and it deserves that name, for sure. A number of peaches harvested in Georgia are impressive. When visiting this state you can drop by Jaemon Farms and taste some of the 33 varieties of peaches these people harvest and handpick, from mountainous regions to subtropical ones, all kinds of peaches are here!

However, if you’re a true fan of peaches and don’t want to hold yourself to just one place, you can also go to Sweet Georgia Peaches and not only enjoy some flavorful peaches but also some delicious recipes made with the sweetest and tastier peaches of the region!

Once you’ve eaten enough peaches and you’re in the mood for some sight-viewing let’s start. If you like largely soaring peaks and grass-clad hills for hiking you can take a walk at the Tusheti National Park. You’ll find some villages nestled in the middle of the misty mountaintops, they’re full of history as well as the rural sheep farms you’ll see. You must try the cheese, it’s very delicious!

If you enjoy football then you’ll find a comfortable place in the College Football Hall of Fame located in Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia. In this place, you’re going to feel all the excitement and spirit of college football fans!

Taking a break from physical activities, you can visit the High Museum of Art and enjoy an amazing exhibition of great works. If you start getting hungry while art-gazing, near the entrance they sell pizza and some delicious burgers you can taste!

Also for the fans of the most renowned drink in the world, there’s a Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta called World of Coca-Cola where people can immerse in the history of this iconic drink. You can taste over 100 different beverages here, take the multimedia journey and if you spend 1-2 hours you’ll be able to see a show at the 4D theater. An excellent experience for tourists.

Going deeper into history, you can also visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site, here you can learn a lot about the life of Dr. King. You can also visit his birth home and the church where he preached. A memorable trip learning more about probably the biggest legends that ever fought for human rights.

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Keep your trip moving with roadside help in GA

Coming to Georgia can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, therefore you need to be prepared for anything. Having a towing service contact number is always a great idea when you’re going on a trip. Don’t let your trip turn into a painful memory due to an eventuality, call us and we’ll be there getting you roadside assistance as soon as possible!

Don’t mind if you’re driving around Georgia at night, we work 24 hours a day in order to help you with any kind of emergency. TowTruckNearMe won’t leave you waiting on the side of the road!

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