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Connecticut is the best demonstration of the statement “good things come in small packages”. This small state also is known as “The Constitution State” is renowned for having beautiful places with marvelous sights to visit.

Coming to Connecticut means having a trip crowded with astonishing natural beauty, museums and plenty of activities for tourists to enjoy the wilderness.

The first place you may want to visit when you come to Connecticut is probably the beautiful West River, in this place you’ll find two excellent parks to spend your day. The first one is the Edgewood Park Natural Preserve, where you will find groups of wildflowers blooming during the spring. Many miles of woodlands and grasslands make this place perfect for hiking and opportunities. The second place you can drop by when visiting the West River is the West River Memorial Park which offers over 200 acres of undeveloped parkland and water, perfect for nature-based outdoor recreational activities.

Now, getting a little more into urban life. If you’re passionate about shopping then you should visit the largest town in Connecticut, Greenwich; a real monopoly of marketing and massive consumption. Regarded as the best city to live in the U.S, it’s always a great destination for people who are looking forward to living in there or for visitors. It also hosts the Greenwich International Film Festival, which is one of the most popular annual events in town.

When you’re visiting Connecticut you can’t forget to go to one of its restaurants and try some delicious dishes. A great example of this is the Millwrights restaurant, with a culinary team of specialists carefully using fresh and high-quality ingredients to prepare their midweek specials. If you go on Sunday evening, you’ll get a half-price bottle of wine.

Right Choice?

Keep your road trip going with quality towing services in CT

Some people visiting Connecticut come from very far away. After a long trip flat tires can become a real problem, if this is your case, you don’t have to worry. Here in Connecticut, you can also get a timely and excellent towing service to give you some roadside assistance.

If you have no idea of how to get out of a difficult situation with your car and you don’t want to lose much of the time you planned for your road trip then leave it all to the experts, Tow Truck Near Me will be there as soon as possible because we’re actually near you.

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