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Nebraska is known to be one of the largest exporters of agricultural products in the whole world. It’s also the place where the U.S military strategic air command has its home. Along with all the positive things about Nebraska regarding the economic subject, it’s also an excellent place for tourists, today we will mention some of the best destinations for tourists from all parts of the country.

The first destination you may want to visit when coming to Nebraska is the Prairie Oasis Campground, an amazing RV park with all the amenities required for a relaxing and wonderful stay. With a private lake where you can fish your own food and just a few miles up the row so it’s very close to some places where you can watch the wildlife or go hiking.

The largest city of Nebraska is Omaha, with nearly half a million inhabitants. Omaha also offers many touristic attractions for visitors. One of the most popular ones is Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium which is the perfect place to spend an entire day. This enormous place has large and wonderful exhibits as well as viewing areas inside and outside. It has an impressive amount of species such as rhinos, elephants, lions and cheetahs. The aquarium is also wonderful with a lot of sharks, stingrays and other types of fish that swim overhead as you walk around the through the aquarium.

For a richer destination in historic and cultural value you must visit Boy’s Town. Imagine an entire district being a museum with is actually a national historic landmark district. If you visit Boy’s Town you’ll be able to see the largest ball of postage stamps in the world as well as some other historical pieces of art and items. You can also enjoy a short film about Boy’s Town. And yes, girls can also visit Boy’s Town!

If you consider yourself a shopaholic you can have a quite different experience in the Old Market. This place is a multi-block area of old warehouse buildings that has been transformed into a happening place with wonderful vibe for visitors. Here you can shop, eat, drink and have some fun. It’s an interesting way to take a look at how the city used to be some decades ago.

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