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It’s important to have your vehicle moved properly and carefully. There should be no further damage or unnecessary stress. We understand accidents and that you need a professional, close, understanding tow truck.


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Drivers, rightfully, often worry about getting into collision with other cars, the resulting damage and the cost of repairs. But there are other road hazards, from potholes, animals, rubbernecking to weather, which cause expensive damage but often are overlooked.

If you have an accident, after a close friend or family member, the next person you may want see is Superman. A  tow truck driver can come close to that. They’ll be there soon, put you in a safe vehicle and get you and your car where it needs to go.

Why Us?

Why call car accident tow service

Proximity ensures fast, efficient service.

After an accident, the last thing you want is damage incurred during a tow. Accident towing comes with risks, which is why you should always ensure your tow truck driver is fully trained and certified to tow your vehicle safely.

There are towing services and towing equipment that’s not meant to deal with newer cars (or just your car…). A tow truck operator will not treat your car as if it’s headed to the junkyard. Your vehicle will be cared for as if it’s part of their own fleet.

We know that you’ve got a certain emotional attachment to your car and you want to take care of it. You’ve invested a lot in it may even have named your carmotorcycle or truck. You want to make sure that a tow truck driver respects you and your vehicle. Drivers will provide he utmost professional and immediate assistance. Your vehicle will have the white glove treatment and you can be assured that a tow truck service and tow trucks are the best that they can be.

By connecting directly with a local company you are guaranteed that the drivers have the knowledge and training to properly prepare your car for towing and get it to your destination safely and efficiently with 24/7 emergency towing

When it comes to towing quality is important. a local towing company will use the correct and safest procedures for towing.

Common Vehicle Accidents

You were rear-ended

According to theNational Highway Transportation Safety Administration, rear-ending crashes account for nearly 30 percent of all accidents. A recent study by the NHTSA found that drivers involved in rear-end crashes were “routinely engaged in activities that divert their attention from the forward roadway while driving,” and 64 percent of those involved in rear-end crashes were not looking at the road at the time of the crash. When drivers try to smash a bug on the windshield, talk on their cellphone, or play with the radio, they take their eyes off the road, which is a big, costly mistake. A towing service understands what can happen to a vehicle in this type of accident and are ready to provide roadside assistance.

You were parked

Collisions can happen even if your car is parked. A municipality will want the damaged vehicle moved as soon as possible, often resulting in lack of access to personal items, arduous paperwork and an overall headache. Even if you’ve done everything right, another driver can underestimate your car’s size and position.


So you know the rules of the road but wild animals don’t always follow them. Depending on the size of the animal, a collision with your car can cause serious vehicle damage, including broken windows.

Unintentional surfing

When you drive through standing water, your tires have to push the water out of the way to maintain contact with the road. The tread of the tire gives a path for the water to be channeled away from the contact area of the tire. If the car’s speed increases to the point where the water cannot be pushed out of the way quickly enough, a thin layer of water will remain between the tires and the road surface, resulting in the driver losing control of the vehicle – also known as hydroplaning. When you hydroplane, you have no control over the car’s direction. Because the car is not in contact with the road, turning the wheel left or right has no effect on direction, and hitting the brakes actually increases thehydroplaning, since a stationary tire acts more like a water ski than one that is turning.
If this happens to you, we’ll be ready to get either your car, and/or you on your way.

Side Impact Crashes

According to a study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, side-impact crashes accounted for over 25 percent of serious accidents, The sides of vehicles have less space to absorb energy. Whatever the cause or damage a towing company can tow you to the nearest auto repair shop for immediate service.

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Understanding the causes of these common car accidents and knowing we’ll be there, in the case of these or any type of accident can give you peace of mind. A trusted, professional towing network is close and there for you in these difficult situations.

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