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Think about this: According to recent statistics there are over 27,000 accidents, per day in the US. Read that again. A majority of those accidents are non-fatal and most, need auto towing services.


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We need our vehicles with us and working properly to function in our daily lives. The thought of what could go wrong may be in the back of our minds. Gratefully, we can add to that thought that there is a service that understands this need, and will take care of you your vehicle in any situation.

When you are in need of a tow you likely want to get back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible. Before it happens, it’s good to know: What can I actually call a tow service for? Where is a car towing service near me? Is there a tow truck service in my area? There are many common problems where a tow truck service can be and will be right there to offer assistance. If you have a flat tire, locked your keys in your car or your vehicle is broken down and you just need it removed – our auto towing can provide short and long distance towing as well as roadside assistance.

Find a Local Auto Towing Company

Any of the following can happen, facilitating the need for a local towing service. Knowing the nearest, local, reliable tow service in your area can be invaluable.

Tire Change

You drive over something sharp left in the road, the pressure in your tire is much less that what you may face in your everyday life, there’s a blowout or flat. A local tow truck can change your tire for you in a pinch. Whether you can change a tire in your sleep, or it gives you nightmares to even think about this happening – our nearby services can be there for you.


It can happen to anyone at anytime. You locked your keys in the car while going to get gas. You were sure you grabbed them when leaving the car. After loading your trunk, you realized you placed everything in the car. Responsibly, car dealers do not teach buyers how to break in their own cars, nor do automakers include how to break into your car in their manual. Legally and carefully a tow truck driver can get you back into your vehicle.

Jump Stats

It can be a quiet, albeit immediate panic when your car doesn’t start. Realizing the battery has been drained (no need to point fingers), our local towing company can jump start your battery and get you on your way

Emergency Diagnostics.

Don’t quite know what’s happening? You’ve done all the usual checks. You know your vehicle quite well, but this is not one of its usual hiccups. You can call our car repair near me to come and diagnosis the problem and, if necessary, take it in for service.


In a very difficult, stressful situation, know a professional local operation will come and conscientiously take you and your vehicle where you need to go

Fuel Delivery

You knew you were close to empty but didn’t realize you were that close. You didn’t realize your fuel gauge was malfunctioning. The GPS was way off in where in the precise location of the nearest gas station was. Waiting (anxiously) for help or walking to the nearest gas station can be frustrating or even dangerous. A towing provider can bring you fuel, without the judgement.

Winter Tows

Winter can wreak havoc on the roads – whether you’ve slid, stalled or gotten stuck, new weather systems (did we ever use the term “polar vortex” in the 20th century?…) present new challenges to drivers. Our roadside assistance here to help in any kinds of inclement weather.

Breakdowns and accidents are not planned for. But planning ahead can lessen the stress and exasperation. In any and all of the above situations – knowing the nearest tow truck near me service brings peace of mind.

Your tire will be changed. You can get your keys out of the car and, as if nothing happened, be back on your way. Have your car, off the ice, out of the water, out of the ditch and any other place you didn’t want it to be, Have your car thoughtfully removed from an accident. Get an emergency diagnosis when it just wont start. Get a jump start when the battery won’t start.

Get Help

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If you need to move something large ( a mattress, new appliance, furniture…everything). A call to a tow truck service near me who can provide a flat bed may save a lot of the time figuring out how to move it with it a car…..and possible avoid a troublesome situation later.

Professional, courteous and respectful operators are there in the best and worse case scenarios.

Whether you are an old or new driver, or concerned about a driver in your care, knowing the closest tow company and having the assurance they can be there for all the common mishaps, concerns, and needs means you don’t not have to fear the statistics.

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