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The state of New Jersey is one of the original 13 colonies that together formed U.S. It has a deep history in the development of the U.S as we know it today. It had a major role in both World Wars, especially in World War II, it was also one of the most important pillars of the industrial revolution. It was also the place where Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and his part of the telephone.

Along with these facts, New Jersey is also an excellent place for tourists. The amount of offers it has for visitors looking for places to shop and have some fun are impressive! A great first stop is the amusement park Six Flags Great Adventure, this enormous Six Flags complex has its own wild safari park where people can be more in contact with the wildlife. It’s actually one of the most popular seasonal ride parks and it has an iconic number of attractions and shows people can enjoy when visiting. A memorable experience for anyone looking for fun.

If you’re more of a shopaholic person then you surely feel like in paradise in New Jersey, places such as the Garden State Plaza, the Willowbrook Mall and The Mall at Short Hills are excellent choices to go shopping. Some of them have also some interesting attractions such as the massive carousel in Garden State.

For a historical and culturally rich experience, you can visit the Newark Museum which is the largest museum in New Jersey, it was established in 1909 and have extensive collections of American art, international art and contemporary art as well. An excellent destination for people who like art and history.

If you feel hungry during your visit to New Jersey, you can go to some top-notch restaurants and try some excellent dishes. Being such an internationally known place makes New Jersey a very varying city regarding cuisine. If you want to eat Italian you can go to an Italian restaurant, same with Chinese and Thai food as well. However, a great recommendation is Cellar 335 which has an excellent menu of cocktails and a very stimulating, tasty and original menu. Give it a try! 

Coming to New Jersey can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, therefore you need to be prepared for anything. In the summer months it can be very hot and humid and in the winter it can reach temperatures as low as 9 deg! Make sure your AC and heat in your car is working properly for a comfortable interior temperature. If you own a home at the Jersey Shore and are in need of a qualified hvac technician call Eastern Shore Heating & Air Conditioning, they are a well respected and top-rated HVAC Repair Company serving all of NJ.

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Keep Moving With Towing & Roadside Highway Servies in New Jersey

Having a towing service contact number is always a great idea when you’re going on a trip. Don’t let your trip turn into a painful memory due to unplanned car trouble, call us and we’ll be there getting you roadside assistance as soon as possible! We can tow you to the nearest most reputable auto shop or mechanic.

Don’t mind if you’re driving around New Jersey at night, we work 24 hours a day in order to help you with any kind of emergency. Tow Truck Near Me won’t leave you waiting on the side of the road! If you are in an accident in NJ and are injured contact an experienced lawyer in New Jersey to help you get you the compensation you deserve.

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New Jersey

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