Flat Tire Repair Near Me

Hearing the thumping noise of a flat tire is perhaps one of those worst sounds any motorist wants to hear. This is especially true when you’re nowhere near home and in need of towing services. Below you will find good tips on what to do and who to call in case you have a flat tire.

Flat Tire Change & Repair Towing Services

When you pull over and assess the situation and realize you have a flat tire, locate the spare tire if you have one. If not, you are going to need a tow truck either to your home or to a garage so you can get a new tire.


Changing an Automobile’s Flat Tire on the Road

Expert tips for changing a tire on the go

Not everybody knows how to change a tire, and today with all of the roadside assistance and towing services near you available, it is very easy to just call someone to quickly come and fix it for you. The most important thing to know when you suspect a flat tire is to immediately pull over to the side of the road or to a safe area with parking. This is important because the longer you drive with a flat tire the likelihood you will end up bending the rims and wheels. This will be very expensive to fix!


Flat Tire Service & Auto Insurance

Proximity ensures fast, efficient service.

Flat tire services are standard on almost every insurance policy with roadside assistance so the costs are already taken care of. However, if you are far from home and need a very long tow it can be quite expensive. Most insurance companies will only cover a certain amount of towing mileage then you are responsible for the rest. Towing services can easily run you over $100 if you have to go more than 10 miles.

The good news is that you have a solid roadside assistance plan they will come out as quickly as possible to help get you safely back on the road. Hopefully, you have a spare tire because this will be the cheapest option since it allows you to drive the car to a tire store or to your home. If you don’t have a spare tire you’re going to need it eventually towed to a shop, or you could always have a mechanic install the tire at your home after purchasing a new tire online.

Towing rates vary depending on how busy the time of day is and where you are located. A lot of these tow companies are independent operators who set their own prices, so be aware that you may be paying extra for their services. However, a private towing company that is not affiliated with your insurance or separate roadside assistance plan will usually get to you much quicker but the costs will be a lot higher.

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