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Your vehicle’s windshield protects you while you drive but can get damaged by thrown rocks, rising temperatures, or other accidents. In this situation, drivers want to schedule auto glass repair quickly. Our team at can help you find a service shop in your area to handle cracked windshield repair.

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How To Decide Between Repair And Replacement

Auto glass specialists can help you with either windshield repair or windshield replacement. How do you know which service represents the best choice for your situation? When deciding upon the kind of service you want, you can consider the following.

Location of the Damage

You can repair some windshield damage. However, you may want to consider replacement with certified technicians if the glass cracks are in the driver’s line of sight or if they spread to the edge of the windshield.

Size of the

Technicians can often repair small cracks in the glass. However, if the damaged area of the windshield is larger than an inch in diameter, crews often recommend windshield replacement instead because larger chips in the glass impact the structural integrity of the windshield.

Amount of Time You Had the Crack

A technician has a better ability to repair chips if you get help quickly. Chips in the glass gather dirt over time, making it harder to complete an effective repair. You can address the chip in your windshield right away by reaching out to us.

Automobile car windshield or windscreen service concept in auto service station garage. Many drivers avoid driving their vehicle with a damaged windshield for safety reasons. Driving without a windshield is likely illegal as it can allow rocks or other debris to fly into your vehicle.


Windshield Replacement

New glass for a clear view.

If you decided on windshield replacement, what can you expect from the process? Companies that handle windshield replacement generally order a new piece of glass for your vehicle. After they get the glass, they can offer you mobile service, or you can bring your vehicle to their location.

A technician at the office can:

  • Remove the damaged windshield and all loose glass
  • Put the new windshield glass into place
  • Seal the edges and provide care instructions

For safety reasons, you may have to wait before driving a vehicle after windshield glass replacement. Waiting for an hour or two gives the sealant time to set, correctly attaching the windshield glass to your car.

Often, you cannot even see a chip at the end of a windshield glass repair appointment. These services provide the solution needed by many drivers with small imperfections in their windshields.


Windshield Repairs

Expertly fix cracks and chips.

Some drivers get windshield repair instead of replacement. Getting your windshield repaired often takes less time than replacing the entire piece of glass. An auto glass specialist can take care of the repair process by:

  • Placing a polymer resin into the chip or crack
  • Letting the resin dry on the glass
  • Smoothing out the windshield’s surface

Windshield Services And Advanced Systems

Many modern cars come equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). These systems include things like lane departure warnings. Many of the systems rely on cameras mounted on the windshield glass.
While having your windshield glass repaired or replaced, you may need to inform technicians of any ADAS systems on your car. Crews can correctly attach the camera and calibrate it after they fix or replace your windshield glass.

Cost And Insurance Coverage

Curious about the cost of windshield repair or windshield replacement? The price for these services varies around the country. However, an auto glass repair business may charge around $125 to fix a crack or a chip.

Auto glass replacement may cost more, with some charges running up to $400. However, you can seek help covering the costs of these repairs. Many insurance companies cover these services as part of a comprehensive policy. In some states, they may even waive the deductible for their customers, greatly reducing the cost you pay to get a fully fixed windshield. You can receive quality service by working with your insurance company. Many insurance companies require you to use automotive companies within their “network.” Make sure you keep your options in mind as you protect your safety by repairing or replacing your windshield.

Windshield Replacement Near Me

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