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The state of Iowa is one of the biggest agricultural contributors in the country, especially corn. The mild climate this state has makes its ground rich for soil harvesting. But regarding tourism opportunities, Iowa does not fall behind.

Iowa is one of the most rural states in the U.S, which is a great thing for nature lovers. If you love roads then you should visit the Snake Alley in Burlington, this way you’ll assure a memorable experience because this is considered one of the oddest sights in the state or maybe the country. This alley was created more than a hundred years ago as a shortcut to the business district. A beautifully rare piece of art.

Behold the power of nature and how beautiful it can be at the Pikes Peak State Park. Considered a must-visit location in Iowa this park is the perfect place for anyone looking for a majestic sight of the Mississippi River. Many miles of pure nature and beautiful environment will be like a paradise for hiking enthusiasts.

If you love beautifully crafted architecture then you should visit the Black Hawk Bridge, a bridge that crosses the Mississippi River from Iowa to Wisconsin. It’s unusual yet perfect design will stick to your memory foreve

For cultural development, you can visit the University Of Iowa Museum Of Natural Story, where you’ll see a wide range of exhibits, different halls dedicated to animal species and so on. The admission is free and there are some presentations every now and then you can enjoy. 

If you are a true fan of museums you can also visit the Old Capitol Museum which displays many attractions related to the history of corn. It has an amazing gift shop and the admission is free. They will guide you all around the place!

If you’re looking for a nice place to have dinner in Iowa then you should go to the Lucky Pig Pub & Grill, the tasty home cooking is excellent and the atmosphere is fantastic, you can also enjoy some drinks in the pub area where there are regular events and themed nights.

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