Transmission Repair Near Me

Your vehicle’s transmission delivers power from your engine, turns it into torque, and uses it to turn your wheels. Without a transmission, your car cannot drive. Our team can help you find a company to handle transmission problems to get you operational again. Find out more by calling 888-311-4796.


Types of Transmission Fluid Service

Based on the kind of vehicle you have, you may consider these services.

Basic Fluid Exchange

Maintenance companies drain your old fluid and replace it with new fluid during this process.

Manual Transmission Fluid Exchange

A vehicle that requires you to shift gears on your own may require different services from the shop. We can help you find a shop that does a great job handling these engines.

Full Automatic Fluid Exchange

Repair shops often add anti-friction additives when performing a fluid exchange for a vehicle with this kind of transmission.

Car Transmission Diagram

Car Transmission Diagram


Importance of Transmission Service

Necessity of Car Transmission Service

Your car cannot operate without the transmission. Therefore, keeping this part of the engine in good shape should represent a priority for drivers.


Service For Different Types of Transmissions

Not all vehicles have the same kind of transmission. When you ask, “Can I find a transmission shop near me?” we recommend that you look for a company that can provide you with a fair price to handle repairs for the specific kind of car or truck that you have.

Manual Transmission Gear Shifter

Some transmissions operate manually, meaning you have to change the gears with the shifter while pressing the clutch pedal. A truck or car repair company can help you handle repairs for these transmissions.

Automatic Transmission Facts

Other vehicles use an automatic system. This kind of system allows the car to change gears automatically once you put the vehicle in drive. Both kinds of transmissions require regular care in order to continue functioning at peak performance.

How often to service your transmission

Taking care of your transmission helps you protect the automobile you use to get around. However, you don’t have to change the fluid at each oil change. Generally, you can go two to three years between appointments for transmissions.

You may also set up an appointment every 24,000 to 36,000 miles to extend the life of your automobile by protecting the engine’s ability to turn your wheels.

When to get transmission service

You may notice signs that your automobile needs a repair before two or three years have passed. You may want to contact a repair company if your transmission slips, grinds, or jumps.

You can also seek professional help if you notice a burning smell. Professionals can provide you with a cost estimate and handle repairs.

Transmission Repair Near Me

You can find transmission service assistance with the help of towing company nearby. We can help you find a company that handles filter replacement while acting as an auto parts dealer. You can factor the parts and labor costs into your final decision. Contact us at 888-311-4796 to learn more.

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