Brake Repair Near Me

You rely on your brakes to stop your vehicle safely each time you drive. You may require brake service if they stop working effectively. Our team can help you find a service company that can handle auto maintenance and repairs.

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Types of Break Service

Brake Pads Replacement

Your brake pads (or brake shoes) work with your brake calipers to create friction by the brake rotors. This friction causes your wheels to slow down, stopping your vehicle. Brake repairs may involve changing your brake pads, as they get worn down through everyday usage. Eventually, they can no longer apply pressure correctly, preventing your vehicle from stopping.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid allows the hydraulics within your entire braking system to work. Sometimes, water gets into the fluid, changing the boiling point of the brake fluid. In this situation, technicians must flush the system and add new fluid. They can inspect your other brake parts during this process.

Brake Rotors Replacement

A brake caliper can work with brake pads and the brake rotors to stop your vehicle when you press the brake pedal. Sometimes, the rotors wear away over time. In this situation, you cannot come to a halt, especially if you’re traveling at highway speeds. A brake repair company can swap out your rotors.

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Benefits of Brake Maintenance

Automobile braking system

Preventative maintenance can help you avoid issues with your brakes. Many companies offer maintenance services that allow them to check your brake system. During a maintenance appointment, technicians can check the state of your brake parts, including the pads and rotors.

You can schedule other services along with brake service. For example, you can arrange to have an oil change at the same time. Technicians can also check out your master cylinder and steering wheel to ensure that all of the controls on your vehicle operate properly.


How Often to Schedule Brake Maintenance

Taking care of your brakes can require regular service. Many service companies recommend that you set up an appointment every six months. However, you can stretch brake services out to once every two years if needed.

Each time technicians service your brakes, they can perform a brake inspection. This assessment allows them to check the status of your braking system to make sure it still functions correctly. Crews can provide you information about parts wearing down, allowing you to schedule replacements before the system breaks down.

Find A Break Shop Near You

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