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It’s best to contact a wrecker towing service to remove your vehicle after an accident or simply if you need your car moved to another location safely. You can find local towing service providers when you work with a towing service in your area. Find out more by calling 888-311-4796.

Defining Wrecker Towing Services

Wrecker Tow Truck Styles

There are several primary vehicle styles used for wreckers. If you want help from a reliable tow truck company, you may work with any of the following.


Flatbed trucks allow other automobiles to drive up onto their bed. They also have cables they can use to pull an entire vehicle in preparation for transport.


Hook and chain wreckers attach a chain beneath a vehicle and lift the automobile. The rear tires of the vehicle remain in contact with the road during towing. This truck style may not work best for automobiles with multiple wheel damage.


A wheel-lift wrecker uses hydraulics to raise an automobile up before attaching it to a metal yoke. This towing method provides increased safety.


What To Look For In Local Tow Companies

When looking for wrecker services after a collision, what should you use as criteria to make the correct choice? The professionals recommend looking for a local auto shop that has skilled staff. You can look over the towing services offered by towing shops in your area.

In addition, consider the prices for towing services you can get from shops in your area. For example, you may require specialized equipment if your automobile got totaled in an accident. When looking for service near you, you may also need to consider a shop’s hours.

Some towing service companies operate on a 24/7 basis, allowing you to get roadside assistance quickly.


Towing Service After an Accident

Getting familiar with what to expect from a towing service can increase your peace of mind. The wrecker driver will drive out to your automobile and assess the situation. Drivers use tow truck equipment to attach your automobile to the wrecker.

Towing allows the wrecker driver to bring your automobile either to a garage, your property, or a junkyard in the most severe cases. The driver can explain more about the services the company offers while offering you a ride, as well, in some situations.

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