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The state of Kentucky is also known as the Bluegrass state. Located in the southern side of the country, but still very near the Midwest. Some of the most emblematic things about Kentucky is their production of Bourbon whiskey.

Among other traditional stuff in Kentucky, you’ll find a lot of love for horses. Horse farms and horse racing are taken very seriously here in Kentucky. If you happen to love horses as well then you’ll be in the right place when you visit Kentucky. There are some interesting places such as the American Saddlebred Museum & Gift Shop where you can learn a bit more about the history of horse-racing, buy gifts and enjoy some horse shows. If you’re visiting Kentucky in a more investigative tone you can come to the International Museum of the Horse where there’s a lot of material and information to search through.

Natural beauty is everywhere in Kentucky. If you enjoy wild landscapes and natural life, you’ll see yourself surrounded by many different exciting attractions. For instance, the unique Red River Gorge attracts thousands of visitors every year and it’s the perfect place for activities such as hiking, camping, wildlife viewing and any other kind of activity that requires contact with nature. It is allowed to haunt and trap in the gorge!

You can try some of the best food in the state in “Our Best Restaurant”. A name with a lot of information to convey from! This restaurant has such an extensive menu that it would be a smart move to call them before visiting if you want to know about a specific dish you want to try and whether they can prepare it.

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Kentucky is a state that is very rich in history, it was the birthplace of 2 presidents of the United States, Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. Kentucky was a border state and supplied both the Union and Confederacy with soldiers. It held slaves but the underground railroad ran through it. If you’d like to know a little bit more about Kentucky’s history and take a look at some awesome exhibits, you can go to the Frazier Museum. For sport enthusiasts there’s also the Muhammad Ali Center and have a great experience in contact with the life of this emblematic boxer.

Coming on a trip to Kentucky can be that unforgettable experience you’ve been looking for. If that’s the case, you should avoid anything that can ruin it for you and your beloved ones. We all know that accidents can happen sometimes, for these road emergencies you can call us! Here in Tow Truck Near Me we’ll be happy to provide you with timely assistance. You won’t need to worry about what time it is or if it’s too late in the night. We offer 24/7 services.

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