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The Sunshine State! Oh, Florida, the multicultural and tropical place where people can enjoy sunny beaches, amusement parks, shopping centers and tasty food. There are some pretty interesting facts about Florida people aren’t aware of. Did you know Florida is the state with the largest amount of bridges and toll roads? Well, it is! It’s also the largest watermelon producer in the country and it also produces more tomatoes and strawberries than any other state.

Regarding places tourists can visit when they come to Florida, well, there is a handful. Taking into account that Orlando is one of the destinations preferred by tourists worldwide. Orlando is the perfect choice for a tropical experience, music festivals, attractions and tons of fun for families and groups of friends!

The most popular attraction in Orlando is surely Walt Disney World, an iconic representation of the world we all grew up watching. Here you’ll find Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and MGM studios along with other many impressive attractions. In Downtown Disney adults can go shopping and enjoy music venues and theaters, restaurants are also top notch! The annual attendance is about 17 million people, for an average of 45,000 per day in normal days but don’t worry about the lines! This place is worth waiting for!

After you’ve visited Disney World, it’s time for a shower! A great recommendation is SeaWorld, a place with huge aquariums where you can meet the dolphins and watch an incredible amount of shows. This place over here is one of the largest marine parks in the world!

The Orlando Science Center is one of the most underrated destinations but also one of the most impressive ones. It exhibits demonstrations and projects based in several branches of science from mechanics to biology as well as technology. These galleries are spectacular!

For our last stop, we have a place not many people know about, and it’s called Gatorland. The name comes from Alligator, and this place is actually devoted to them, thousands of crocodiles, alligators and other reptiles are waiting for you. Rounds of observation and shows as the “Gator Wrestling” are some of the attractions you’ll find.

Right Choice?

When preparation isn’t enough you might need a tow service

Visiting all the touristic destinations in Florida can result in a very long trip, the state is huge! And you have to check your car before you begin your journey. However, despite the precautions we take for a trip, sometimes it’s impossible to avoid inconveniences showing up at unfortunate times and those are the times when you need a tow

By contacting a Hometowtrucknearme.co you’ll get timely and top quality service to help you get your car back on the road or to take it to a place where experts will repair it. You don’t need to worry about the costs of a tow, we have the most competitive rates in the market! Call us!

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