Wheel Lift Towing Services

What is a wheel lift tow truck?

Wheel Lift Towing ServicesWheel lift towing is accomplished using a metal yoke to drag vehicles from behind. These trucks position themselves under your car’s wheels and use hydraulics to lift it up off the ground. The wheel rest between a sturdy metal frame that safely lifts your vehicle with very low risk of damage. They have taken the place of hook and chain tow trucks because they do much less damage to the vehicle. Although they aren’t as safe as flatbed trucks, they are also much less expensive and get the job done.

So what situations might happen that require a nearby wheel lift tow truck for you?

We sincerely don’t want this to happen to you. But if something happens that prevents you from safely driving away, rest assured that there is a local service that can safely wheel lift your vehicle and tow it to a service station near you. The right local company will have wheel lift tow trucks in your area and are ready to help. Please call us when you are in need, we can connect you with  the closest tow truck to arrive quickly and reliably.

What is done to keep your vehicle safe during wheel lift tow truck operation?

A local towing service will at all times if possible strive to safely transport your vehicle to its local destination while keeping the risk of damage to an absolute minimum. Many local drivers operate with years of experience and are dedicated to seeing their local service provided at a high rate of quality. The best companies follow strict industry safety guidelines and all of the pertinent laws regarding tow truck safety and traffic safety.

How long will it take to arrive and process your vehicle?

99% of the time tow truck drivers are always nearby. They will arrive within minutes, the quickest time allowed to maintain safety in the local community. The vast majority of occurrences will not require any more than several minutes to safely attach your vehicle to the wheel lift tow truck and be on your way to a local destination.

What kind of accidents is a wheel lift tow truck applicable to?

There is a wide variety of situations and circumstances that can occur on the road, even if it is within a local community. Don’t forget that Our network is ready to help you no matter what happens, they have the reliable expertise and local commitment you can count on. Please refer to our accidents page for more information on what situations a wheel lift tow truck might best suit your needs. Remember, Our network is always available, 24/7

Is a wheel lift tow truck affordable?

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our towing company connection services. Our network is committed to providing timely service at the best affordable rates possible. Of course we want you to be a satisfied customer, both with the quality of service and its affordability. A local towing company can have a wheel lift tow truck to you quickly in your time of need. For further information about the rates for local wheel lift tow truck service, please see contact us at https://towtrucknearme.co/