Auto Body Repair Near Me

Did your vehicle sustain auto body damage in an accident? If so, you may want to work with collision repair specialists. The team at Tow Truck Near Me can help you find a company that can repair your vehicle and get you back on the road. You can contact us to find a nearby auto body shop. Take the first step by calling 888-311-4796

Steps in the Repair Process


Drop Off

You have to get your car or truck to the professionals so they can begin repairs. Many drivers choose to drop off their car, allowing crews to begin restoration. But what happens if you cannot drive your automobile due to the damage?

In this case, the company may send a tow truck to bring your vehicle into the garage. You may also hire a tow truck company of your own. Dropping off your vehicle can happen at any point after a wreck. In some cases, your automobile may get taken directly from the scene of a collision to the restoration shop.

Restoration shops can help you after any collision, allowing you to move forward.



Technicians begin the repair process by assessing the damage to your car. Your insurance company may also perform a vehicle inspection in the aftermath of a collision. This inspection allows the professionals to decide if you should focus on repairs or replacement.
Some vehicles sustain too much damage in a collision to benefit from repairs. In this situation, the insurance company may consider your vehicle totaled. After the inspection, technicians can begin the repair process. Crews go the extra mile by taking care of structural and body repairs.



Once crews finish with repair services, they can repair any damage to the paint of your car. Paint often gets chipped or cracked in a wreck or during restoration. Technicians focus on matching your original paint color.


Reassembly And Cleaning

Finally, companies complete repairs by reassembling your vehicle and cleaning up any mess left behind by the restoration process. Professionals focus on the details and even perform quality control inspections to ensure they wrapped up the work correctly.


Types of Auto Body Repairs

Body shops can provide you with a number of different repairs. Some shops offer services to repair damage to the body of your vehicle. You can contact these companies for unibody damage or fender repair. They know how to fix major and minor damage to your vehicle.
Other companies focus on the removal of minor dents, scrapes, or scratches. You don’t only want automobile repair after a collision, after all. Perhaps you only want to resolve a few dings your vehicle acquired over time. These services can help cars look like new again.
Vehicle repair shops can also perform paintless dent repair. You can schedule a paintless dent repair service for minor issues. This service allows techs to try to pop a dent out from the inside. They can also remove dings by pulling them from the outside of a vehicle panel.


Post-Repair Vehicle Inspection

What happens after collision repair? Crews generally perform a quality control inspection. This inspection allows techs to look over every repair they performed to make sure they provided you with top-notch workmanship.
Teams work to ensure that your vehicle meets all industry and manufacturer standards after they finish repairs, so you can feel confident when you get behind the wheel again. Crews can answer your question about all the work they put in, as well.
Generally, you receive a bill after restoration ends. Your insurance company may cover some part of your expenses. In some states, you may get compensation from another driver who caused the wreck. However, this does not apply in all states around the country.

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