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The state of Montana is also called “The Big Sky Country” and “The Treasure State”. It’s famous for the Yellowstone Park, wildlife, the Bighorn Mountains and Glacier Park. All these places are excellent touristic destinations and some of the ones preferred by Americans living on that side of the country.

When coming to Montana, the Yellowstone Park is a mandatory stop! It was the first park designated as a national park in the United States. Even though Montana has 42 state parks and seven forests in total, the Yellowstone Park is the most popular one do to its cultural and historical value, as well as for the amount of endangered species that live there. One of the best examples is the state’s official animal, the grizzly bear. It also has an insane amount of pelicans and other abundant wildlife such as mountain lions and goats.

The state of Montana was also one of the “gold rush” states when many miners made their way to the area because of the discovery of gold in 1862. This incident led to a dramatic increase in the popularity of this state, having the same Charles Chaplin inspiring its movie “Gold Rush” on it. However, if you want to take a look at pure gold and learn more about the history of gold mines in Montana you can go to the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology.

Nevertheless, if you want to have a more mysterious experience, you can go on tour to the Lewis and Clark Caverns. Many stalactites, stalagmites, and other interesting mineral formations will be part of your experience if you decide to go on a guided tour. Throughout the cave interior, your guide will provide the story behind the Lewis & Clark Caverns, both in solid facts and entertaining fabrications. An excellent way to learn a little bit more about these emblematic caves!

Before you leave Montana we recommend you taking a boat tour at The Gates of the Mountains, which is a gorgeous canyon located at 20 miles north Helena. In this marvellous trip you’ll be able to see a lot of wildlife such as birds of prey and many fish.

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But before you leave your home and head to Montana you should keep in mind your car is very important for your trip, so you should keep in mind that having the Tow Truck services at hand can be very helpful while being in an emergency.

Not only in Montana, but in all states from the U.S, Tow Truck Near Me will offer you proper towing service as well as roadside assistance in case it’s not a major failure that requires the hands of a repairman (flat tires for example). 24 hours a day assistance and the fastest service you can find so you won’t waste any time from your awesome trip when taking your car back on the road.

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