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There are some amazing places to visit and things to do in Indiana. The name of this state is a combination of both words: “Indian” and “land”, natives called it that way. Some of the most interesting facts about this state that people ignore are that the first professional baseball game was played here in 1871; Indiana has produced more basketball players per capita than any other state and it’s also the state where more letters to Santa Claus are written per year!

One of the most impressive sights Indiana offers visitors is at the Cataract State Park. The Cataract Falls drops for a total of 86 feet. Hiking here is very difficult but the place is very beautiful. A must-visit for people coming to Indiana.

If you’re on a trip with your couple then Indiana is an awesome place for you both and you can certify it by visiting the Kissing Bridges. There are more than 20 covered bridges across Indiana’s Parke County, these were famous because they represented the only place couples could have some privacy hundreds of years ago.

For art and crafts lovers the best place in Indiana is Nappanee, with a bunch of attractions for tourists. In Nappanee, visitors will find a lot of Amish population living their lives away from all the technology and gadgets. The Nappanee Apple Festival is one of the most popular and it attracts thousands of people every year.

If you’re hungry you can visit a couple of excellent restaurants in Indianapolis such as the Thai Recipes Restaurant which specializes in tofu and soup or the Bosphorus Café for some delicious Turkish food.

In order to immerse in the cultural background of this state, you have to go to the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites, here you’ll find a beautifully constructed building where you’ll be able to experience Indiana’s past regarding science, culture, history, and art.

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But before you leave your home and head to Indiana you should keep in mind your car is very important for your trip, so you should keep in mind that having the tow services at hand can be very helpful while being in an emergency.

Tow Truck Near Me will offer you proper towing service as well as roadside assistance in case it’s not a major failure that requires the hands of a repairman (flat tires for example). 24 hours a day assistance and the fastest service you can find so you won’t waste any time from your awesome trip when taking your car back on the road.

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