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Mississippi is a state located in the southern site of the country. Most famously known for the Mississippi river that divides the country into the East side and the West side. Mississippi is characterized by a slow urban growth, meaning that around 40% of the state is still rural, mostly composed by farms.

But Mississippi isn’t only the place with one, or maybe the most iconic nature attraction in our country regarding historic importance. It’s also a place with many parks to visit, many museums to go to and a lot of attractions and food that can make you fall in love.

This “opposition” to grow as an urban state has led to a conservation of the southern history. Many places host an impressive amount of tourists per year to practice different kind of activities that would not be possible at urban places. Examples such as the Bay Hide Away RV Park, the Percy Quin State Park and the Gulf Islands Water Park. All these are excellent places where you’ll have the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast to explore for everything from charter fishing to relaxing on the warm beaches.

If you want to go to a more culturally and historically rich place you can visit the Metal Museum which is a small museum focused on showing and explaining some of the history related to blacksmithing and other metal works. Another relevant fact about the Metal Museum is that you can have a spectacular view of the Mississippi River from its backyard.

Regarding food and drinks, we can find some interesting dishes being served at top quality restaurants in Mississippi. For a memorable countryside experience you can visit Darwell’s Café, they usually have some local bands and artists playing country and their dishes include some of the highest quality ingredients in the area, along with a region classic cup of wine or a glass of beer. If you want to taste the southern cuisine in a country-enlivened environment you have to visit this magic corner in the state of Mississippi.

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Don’t Let Car Trouble Cut Your Vacation Shore – Know What Towing Company To Call in Mississippi

Visiting all the touristic destinations in Mississippi can result in a very long trip. It’s very recommendable you check your car before you begin your journey. However, despite all the precautions we take for a trip, sometimes it’s impossible to avoid inconveniences showing up at unfortunate times and those are the times when you need a tow!

By contacting us you’ll get timely and top quality service to help you get your car back on the road or to take it to a place where experts will repair it. You don’t need to worry about the costs of a tow, we have the most competitive rates in the market! Call us!

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