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Even if you drive fairly decent cars and the mileage is not extremely high but like Murphy’s Law, just when you expect it the least, something will go wrong.
There are many things that can go wrong with your car that would require the need of a tow truck near you so here is a compiled a list of the more common problems drivers’ experience.

There are three things everybody needs in life. A good doctor, a reliable plumber and an honest auto repair service. Often they are rather tricky to find.

You are fortunate enough to have all three. You do not see any of them all that often but it is good to know they are there and you can rely on them when necessary. If you have found a really good auto repair service near you that you can trust and rely on when your wife or husband needs them you are at the front of the pack. It is all about relationships and trust. Sure, some of the mechanics might change from time to time but when the company is local and provide a great service that shouldn’t be a concern. It helps too that they are tow truck services so in the event of you being stranded, they simply come out and help. If they can not sort the issue out there then they will tow the vehicle back to the workshop and you know it will be sorted out properly before in no time.

Common Nearby Auto Repair Services

The more advanced the vehicle, the more there is that can go wrong but here are a few of the more regular issues that you will need a local auto repair service for:


We have all seen those poor souls stranded on the side of the road, hood up and smoke billowing out the front. Odds are they have a radiator related problem. Often these are rather simple to repair but left untreated will cause major damage to your engine if you do not fix it all together. Never attempt to drive a car that is overheating. The cost of a tow service to the closest repair center and the cost of the repair is nothing compared to a complete engine overhaul if you don’t fix address issue. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge and if you notice the engine is overheating, call an auto repair tow company immediately.


Brakes are another thing that should never be ignored. Have them checked regularly at a local auto repair service. Break pads have a limited lifespan and do need to be replaced from time to time. Normally you will hear a grinding noise when this is due and most modern vehicles have a warning light to inform you that they need attention. Never leave it too long because what could be a minor job to replace the brake pads will become a very expensive one if left alone. Sometimes breaks malfunction for other reasons like leaking break fluid or other faults. Again, it can be very dangerous and it is important to get to your nearest car repair tow service out to help if you are on the road as soon as possible.


Tires obviously wear down over time and need replacing every so often. Apart from normal wear from use, we sometimes encounter problems from potholes in the road, hitting a brick or rock or driving over a sharp object. Never drive with low tread or any damage to your tires as it is extremely dangerous. Take your car to a nearby auto repair and have them see if your tires need to be replaced if necessary. Do not take a chance with your safety, that of your passengers and other road users.


One of the more common car issues is transmission problems. These range from minor problems that might require a bit of adjustment and a part or two to major issues requiring replacement of a number of parts. Either way, do not leave it to chance and get to an auto repair service immediately.
As You said, You am fortunate to have a reliable company where You can get a car repair near me. You recently had issues with my transmission but fortunately it was a minor fault that they were able to sort out pretty fast.


If you experience a cracked or broken window, take it into a local auto repair service to have them replaced immediately. Sometimes debris on the road, a rock or stone, or an unknown object can be kicked up from a car or fall off a tuck transporting materials and hit your car windshield damaging the glass and blocking your vision. This can cause your vehicle to become almost impossible to operate and if happens, remain calm, pull to the side of the road, turn your flashers on a and immediately call a windshield repair service near me.

Auto Body Repairs

Apart from mechanical faults, the guys that do auto repair near me also run an auto body shop. Even if you are fortunate to not have been involved in an accident for some time but it is good to know there is a close, reliable roadside services near me that can assist if you ever do have an incident. You have seen their work and their standards and professionalism is second to none.
Those are just a few of the more common problems experienced but really, anything can go wrong with your car without warning. Many car repair companies offer a full range of services. Where it is something that falls outside of the scope of their work, they will outsource it to the relevant specialist and do the necessary follow-ups and checks, saving you the time and hassle.

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When the unexpected happens on the road with your vehicle, don’t stress just call a local company for all your auto repair service needs and you will have complete peace of mind should anything go wrong.

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