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Towing Leads For Tow Truck Companies

Exclusive, high-quality towing leads delivered as live phone call transfers

Having more towing leads simply equals to having many customers at your table. To ensure maximum prospective clients, we will set up a towing service marketing campaign for your business. The campaign includes strategies such as creating local directory listings, landing pages, custom pages, Google and Yahoo ad campaigns. We will also set up a custom local phone forwarding for your company, which ensures that you miss no single leads.

towing leads
Towing Leads Pay Per Call Lead Generation

Pay-Per Call Towing & Roadside Assistance Lead Generation

Our services are flexible and ideal for most towing businesses. Our marketing team believes in customer satisfaction, which involves getting more business leads for you.

We manually analyze all the phone calls in your call recordings and categorize them accordingly. The leads and ring outs (missed calls) are the only calls we will charge to your company. Other calls, such as wrong numbers, hang-ups, competitor calls, and sales calls, are not part of our payments. This ensures that you pay for actual leads only.

What Are the Requirements for Receiving the Towing Leads?

  • Your towing business should be a light, medium, or heavy-towing company
  • Your business should have 24/7 answering services, which avails towing trucks on demand
  • Your business should be in good terms with the BBB
  • Your drivers should be fully licensed and insured
  • Your business offers road assistance
  • Your business requires more towing leads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Start Receiving Towing Leads?

To get started with our towing leads, just give us a call. We will take a day or two to pay a courtesy call to your company so that we can talk more about our towing leads. We will also give your business the best of our services to ensure that it gets more leads.

As time passes and our business relationship grow, we will work with a team of marketing experts to build a robust marketing campaign for your towing business. The campaign will include several marketing strategies that will lead to the generation of more business leads. These digital marketing strategies vary in their success rates. Some methods take longer to produce results while some take a shorter time. Notably, we do our best to balance these strategies to make your marketing strategy more robust.

How Much Will I Pay for Towing Leads?

There are no field charges for our towing leads. The costs vary depending on the business’ location and other factors. To find the ideal price for your business, we usually carry out research on your business area. We also look at the services that you offer and the prices for each of these services.

To understand your business well, we have also set up a custom proposal form on our website to help us understand your business better. We will then use the information from the custom proposal page to determine the ideal towing leads cost for your business. The prices of these leads are affordable and are set up to suit your business’ needs.

How Can I Know Whether a Towing Lead Is From You?

Our custom phone system alerts you via a message that a phone call lead is from us. You will also have access to a calls dashboard where leads from us will be recorded. You will have full access to all the phone calls that come from us. The call-recording feature enables us to distinguish the different types of phone calls so that we will only charge you for actual leads. Always remember that we charge you for missed calls, as they may be actual leads, so ensure that you always receive all calls.

Are Your Towing Leads Exclusive or Shared?

First, you should note that we work with only one towing provider in each area. The leads coming to the area will come to your business only. However, you should be able to handle our large volumes of leads as that is what we guarantee our clients. If your business is unable to take the many leads, we will find another similar company in the area and share the leads among the businesses.

Is This a Contract?

We do not sign any contracts with our clients. Ours is just a partnership and your business is free to stop taking our leads with a resonable notice before the next billing cycle. You can also arrange with us to pause our towing leads services anytime when you feel like taking a break.

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