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Who doesn’t know about Hawaii? It’s a common reference whenever they mention paradisiacal tropical destinations in movies or TV shows. Truth be told that this is an amazing state for vacations. The state consists of eight main islands which are: Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Molokai and the big island of Hawaii.

Among the most interesting facts about this place we can say that this is the only state that grows coffee, native population has an own language which consists of only 12 letters and it has the world’s most active volcano in the world, it’s called Kilauea.

When visiting Hawaii you can’t miss the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, it’s the most popular destination for visitors on the island. Every year, 2 million people choose to visit the memorial which is a place full of history about the WWII, where everything began and how it contributed to the war. You can get free tours from 8 am to 3 pm and upon your arrival, you’ll receive movie tickets for a documentary that summarizes the most important facts regarding the history of this place.

If you want to see some surfers then you must go to the North Shore of Oahu, a place that hosts international surfing contests each year, here the breath-taking coastlines and large waves will remind you how powerful nature is.

Going a little deeper in order to have some contact with the wildlife, you can visit the Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park, a place that is super rich in Hawaiian cultural history, surely one of the most beautiful places on earth. Flowing waterfalls and freshwater rivers are some of the natural attractions you’ll find when you arrive. You’ll also see Hawaiian flora and fauna in abundance as well as lots of natural food resources such as fresh fish and sweet potatoes. A beautiful place to be in contact with nature.

For people who love hiking and camping adventures, the Haleakala National Park is a mandatory visit. With a variety of options for hiking because it’s actually one of the most famous destinations for camping trips. You’ll find unique eco-systems and beautiful landscapes.

For gastronomical choices you can try The Original Roy’s Restaurant, the menu is crowded with shrimps, chicken tenders, pork ribs, grilled beef and salmon as well as a handful of delicious desserts and sweets. Try the melting dark chocolate soufflé!

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Safety Before Vacation With Helpful Towing in HI

Even though Hawaii can be the destination for the vacation of your life, you have to be aware of the roads, if you need a tow you can contact Tow Truck Near Me and we’ll be there in no time. First, we give you some roadside assistance and if we can’t solve it, we’ll tow your car to the car workshop.

We know what you’re thinking “but it’s Hawaii, it surely is expensive!” well, we’re here to tell you that we have the most competitive rates in the market, so don’t worry about the costs of the tow, you better worry about saving our number before you go to Hawaii!

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