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Did you know that the Wizard of Oz was made in Kansas? This state is also the largest wheat producer in the country and it’s called “The Bread Basket of the World” in some places.

If you ever visit Kansas then you should go to The Monument Rocks which were actually the first landmark to be declared National Natural Landmark. These chalk formations have been the inspiration for many scenarios in movies and even video games. Some of the things you may find here are fossils and souvenirs. A great place for geology fans!

For wildlife lovers, the waterfall at the Pillsbury Crossing Wildlife Area is a clear paradise. Even though they are not that popular amongst tourists, these falls are impressive and they offer a beautiful sight to visitors. The hot water and the rocks you can climb can make your day a completely different one. You’ll also see a lot of wildlife such as beavers and herons.

If you prefer going to something more cultural and learn a little bit about our history then you should visit the National World War I Museum and Memorial, which is the only museum in the U.S completely dedicated to WWI. There are hundreds of artifacts and things related to this event that will clarify and let you learn some of the most important aspects of this war. A very human and hard experience!

Many people think there’s no such thing as nightlife in Kansas, but there are actually a couple of places that will stand up against this statement. The Kill Devil Club is a great example, you can reserve a table and spend the night tasting some of the best drinks and cocktails in town. However, if you prefer dancing then you should totally go to The Westport Saloon, a place where you’ll have some independent roots music and great beverages all night long. They have free live music six nights a week!

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Don’t Let Car Trouble Cut Your Vacation Shore – Know What Towing Company To Call in KS

If you’re coming back from The Kill Devil or the Saloon and you realize you have a flat tire and see yourself pushed to pull back and get out of your car, don’t worry. Call us! We’ll be there giving you roadside assistance in just a couple of minutes. If you’re thinking that the costs of a tow or some roadside assistance will skyrocket because of the time you needed them, let us tell you that you’re wrong. Our tow trucks have the most competitive rates in the market!

If it’s your motorcycle the vehicle you need a tow for then you can also count on us. Just make sure you save our number before you come to Kansas, we’re here for you!

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