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Towing advertising and marketing strategies that work! The other option is to direct your efforts where there are more yields. According to the 80/20 rule, when 80 percent of your results are from 20 percent of your efforts, then invest more time in what is working. You should not necessarily spend equal time on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Here are some effective ways of marketing & advertising your towing company

Use social media for brand awareness & engagement

Social media platforms are becoming increasingly important in marketing towing companies. The use of social media has been rising since its inception with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, dominating this space. Twitter has 67 million active monthly users while Instagram has over one billion active monthly users. Facebook is more popular than these sites and enjoys a staggering 2.27 billion active monthly users.

As a towing business owner, you should use social media for interacting with people who are in your target market. If you are concerned about the amount of time required to increase your company’s social platform presence, try outsourcing the task to social media marketing companies.

For example, if your towing market is into Facebook, spend most of your time growing your Facebook profile and set aside your Twitter and Instagram accounts for future attention.

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Invest in a tow truck company website

In this techno-survey generation, you will find it hard to keep up with towing competition if you do not have a website. Your company’s website acts like a store or online office where prospects go to for a general idea about your services. You may want to outsource web design for a more professional product, but there are many free web-building tools you can use if you are pressed for cash.

Be sure to include your business details. This proves to prospects that your towing business is legit and helps you look credible. Your business details also play a huge role in SEO and remind your prospects to call them for any queries.

Your towing company’s website should include a call to action, your business information, the range of services you offer, and your working hours. On many tow truck websites, the call to action is usually, “Give us a Call!” Position the call to action page on the homepage so that when a prospect clicks on it, they automatically get in touch with your company phone.

The next thing you need to do is go over the towing services you offer. Your prospects will want to know what you are capable of offering in a few clicks. Try including a service sub-category in form of a drop-down list of the services you offer. The list may include towing, winching, recoveries, and any other services you are offering.

Moreover, you need to show your availability. You should list your working hours so that your prospects do not have to question when to call you. You may include an icon that informs them whether you have opened or closed at a given time.

Utilize towing & roadside assistance directories

Local directories are a great source of leads when utilized together with towing company’s website. They are also important in terms of local SEO. For example, get enlisted on your local chamber of commerce or a local directory that features towing companies. You should also list your towing business on general directories since lots of available leads are generated from these sites. Some common examples of general directories you should consider include Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Places, Yahoo Local, and LinkedIn.

Utilize seo for the towing industry

One of the most effective towing marketing strategies is the use of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of ranking your website on search engine results pages. You should focus on Google because it is more popular with consumer searches than Yahoo and Bing. To rank high on Google, make sure your towing business details are consistent with its social media profile and all its websites. Do not have conflicting addresses or contacts because Google does not like it. Also, work on getting more reviews that are positive on your Google My Business profile.

Invest in pay-per-call

Like the pay-per-click strategy, where marketers are paid for every click on a given website, pay-per-call is based on the same concept. To market your towing services effectively, you should invest in pay-per-call (PPCall, also called cost-per-call), where marketers are paid for every quality and converting towing leads generated through a phone call. There is a high likelihood that your towing business will get a new customer for every three relevant sales calls.

Word of mouth tow truck marketing

According to a study by IBIS World, one of the simplest and effective ways to market your towing company is word of mouth. Encourage your existing clients to refer others to your business by using incentives such as a cash benefit or discount. Identify the elements of your towing service that need improvement and work on them for better customer experience. When customers are satisfied with your services, they will not hesitate to refer others to your towing business.

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