There are few basic rules which can be learned only through time and experience.

Driving Tips While TowingThey may be taken for granted and avoided but in a long drive play a vital role allowing you a relaxed drive. Some of them are listed below.

Gap rule: Maintain a 4 to 6 seconds or nearly 400-500 feet gap between your vehicle and that in front of you. This allows sufficient time for stopping in normal road conditions and is regarded as a safe stopping gap.

Long distance view rule:

A habit of looking at least 10 to 12 seconds down the road allows a sufficient time to plan your move such as slowing down, changing lanes or any other change of action that the situation demands.

Steering rule: There may be situations on a highway drive where you find yourself busy turning the steering wheel left and right. The best way to ease such a condition is to lift up your head a bit and try to have a longer view of the road. This will not only help you reduce the frequent left and right movement of the wheel but at the same time let you maintain your position on the lane.

Speed rule:

It is advisable to maintain a low speed drive of about 60 to 65 mph on interstate highways for a relaxed and safe highway towing. This may make you lose around 15 minutes in a 200 mile drive but will allow you to pick up as much as 2 to 2.5 mpg with a gasoline engine and at the same time you could be able to enjoy the pleasure and beauty of the scenery around.

Rest rule:

When you are out on a long distance tow drive, it is very important to keep yourself fresh and alert. So, it is good that you keep taking short breaks at regular intervals say after every 2 to 2.5 hours drive. A short walk, use of restroom and just getting out of the driving seat can relax you to a great extent. This is also important to keep a check of your towed system. A walk around the vehicle with a careful vision can bring to your knowledge if somehow any problem with the vehicle parts arises and if everything on the vehicle is fine.

Truck stops:

You can find truck stops with large parking areas, fuel stations and gasoline pumps scattered all over the major state highways. It is wise to use these stops for re-fueling your vehicle as well as yourself. These stations have food stores as well. It is the best place on the highways to accomplish all your required needs. The large parking areas allow an easy parking no matter how big your trailer or camping van may be. You can grab a few hours of sleep as well before picking up something to eat and then continuing your drive with a fresh energy.

Try to keep these in regular practice and you will realize how stress-free and enjoyable your elongated drive becomes.

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