The Toyota Camry model started out as just another version of the car makers Celia

Toyota Camry 2018 ModelHowever, in the year 1982, it gained autonomous status, and overtime it has become one of the most accepted sedan cars worldwide. It currently has the reputation of the highest selling private car in the whole of North America and some other parts of the world. The all new Camry 2018 model comes with a revolutionary look that seems to intend to pass across a message to both customers and competitors alike. The new car comes with a sporty look as well as considerable style upgrade. There is an upgrade both in the in the interior and exterior of the car, the car engine is also not left out in this regard, in fact as regards the engine, there is a new Hybrid technology been deployed alongside two other engine variants

Car Exterior

Camry cars have hitherto known to come with rather dull exteriors, however, the all-new Camry 2018 model seems to be a game changer. Among other features, the first thing that is sure to catch the attention of any car lover is certainly its wide firm look that is a result of its lower centre of gravity. This innovation was made possible by Toyota making the car a little wider, the engine hood was also brought a little downwards so also was the roof. On the other hand, the wheelbase was elongated by about two inches. At the front of this car, certain ideas were certainly adopted from the Lexus line of the same car maker, one could easily notice that the headlamps look a little meaner; also it comes with a lower LED strip that gives it a Z-shaped outlook. Furthermore, the car grille seems a little bigger and wider. The upper grille section comes framed in a body-colored component; the vents on the sides also seem a little wider. The front Facia would certainly catch the attention of new generation drivers who fancy style and panache.

On the side view of the 2018 model, one can easily notice that there is a deviation from the regular Beltline features normally associated with the Camry line, it now comes with upgraded lines that showcase the more beefy arches of the wheel, also at the rear of the car, one could easily notice some real changes, for instance, there is a bulging spoiler on top of the trunk lid, there is also the all new backlights that come with extensions on the vent as you approach the apron, also you have the upgraded bumpers that come with all new and improved bumpers, furthermore a careful observation of the C-pillar shows a lot of surfaces that radiate light from different points. This is sure pointers that Toyota did spend a great deal of time and resources in this Camry project.


The dashboard of the Camry 2018 model came with a design focus on giving the owner the feeling that he is riding inside a sport car, this is accomplished by a compartment that feels like a cockpit with the driver been the major focus of the components, also the car passenger will surely get a whole new experience sitting in this beauty, there is a feeling of openness and also surfaces that seem softer as well as the dashboard veneers. The carmakers assure that all surfaces of the car would come with soft touch components as well as high-quality materials; this surely shows that Toyota is upping its game in terms of overall quality.

Another quite interesting feature of the interior is that it comes with a comfortable feel, the seats at the front have been totally redesigned with a view to up scaling the space within, it also comes with a lower sitting position because the car maker certainly didn’t want to reduce the space of the shoulder and head by reducing the cars head, however the driver can be sure of having better visibility while driving


The car engine comes in form of a 2.5 litre four cylinder type, also there is the 3.5 litre V 6 six cylinder engine, the new drivetrains have been structured in such a way as to optimize fuel usage. Even though there has not really been a public announcement of the engine features, the car maker states that customers should expect greater power outputs from the new 2.5-litre engine when compared with the previous versions, with a guarantee of lower fuel usage. It is expected that the new engine unit should be able to give up to 178 horse-power output. Also, the hybrid model promises better fuel usage, travel time, and so on

Price and release date

There is really not much difference as regards pricing with the previous version as this car only adds a few hundreds of dollars. The pricing starts from around 23,495 dollars, the LE goes for about 24,000 dollars, the SE goes for 25,000 dollars XLE costs about 28,450 dollars while the XSE is valued at about 29,000 dollars. The car should be out on sale around the later part of 2017 or early 2018.

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