The need to keep your tires in perfect working conditions is one that cannot be overemphasized, as a matter of fact, it is an integral part of vehicle maintenance, furthermore, it is both dangerous and illegal to ply the roads with substandard of bad tires. In maintaining your car tire, there a few things that most be considered, this factors go a long way in determining if the tires your car is standing on would fail you or otherwise. It should, however, be noted that carrying out monthly maintenance of your tires would certainly put you on the safe side

Ensure that there is proper inflation pressure on all four tires:


This is very necessary as it is a basic requirement for balance, safety and optimum fuel usage. It should be noted that all cars come with a recommended pressure level as indicated on the vehicle instruction manual. The act of maintaining the required pressure level is the most important thing you could do to maintain and prolong the health and lifetime of your tires.
Putting in less air than required can be said to be the major cause of damage to tires worldwide and may end up causing cracking and loss of air. It further affects the load carrying capacity, the non balance of the car, and also mechanical damage. Over inflation, on the other hand, causes a bad driving experience because of the incessant vibrations that the car may experience. It also greatly influences the chances of collision damage.

Avoid excessive spinning of tires:

try as much as possible to avoid spinning your wheels excessively when you are stuck in the mud, ice, snow or any other situation of that nature as this may cause overheating and spoil the tires beyond repair. It is advisable you use an easy forward and backwards movement to liberate your car, also don’t ever stay behind a tire rolling at high speeds while trying to push it out of a muddy situation for instance.

Check out your tires for signs of wear and tear:

it is always advisable to remove the tires when they reach 1.6mm in tread depth. Every brand new tire has an indicator for thread wear that appears as smooth embankment when they reach 1.6mm. the implication of such a tire I that it could lead to your car skidding off the road, also, it could lead to a situation where the tire punctures while in motion and your stuck calling a tow truck.

Look out for any damage at all times:

it is very much imperative to carry out periodic assessment of your car tires so as to ascertain its health status and road worthiness, perhaps if you are not too satisfied what you see or observe, you could drive into your car dealer for a quick look and correction where necessary.

Engage the services of a tire repair pro:

after ascertaining the status of your car tire and you perhaps feel there is need for a change, it is advisable to engage the services of a professional, this is so because getting the right tools may not really count except someone capable is handling the tools

Avoid trying to be the repair man:

it could be very tempting to want to try and fix the car tires, especially when you are trying to save some cash. However, wisdom requires that you humble yourself, spend a few cash notes and get a lasting work done on your car. Many people have been victims of car accidents that could be traceable to the tire not being properly mounted. Also, don’t try to play smart by mounting different tires on the same car, it is always advisable to get the right kind of tires of  the same brand and quality mounted at all times

Avoid vehicle overload:

well, just because you have to be at a wedding with all the needed items in thirty minutes does not mean you should endanger your life by cramming in several hundred pounds above the load carrying capacity of your car; certainly, your life ought to be worth more than trying to play smart. Overloading your car puts extra stress on the car wheels and tires which in turn put your own life at risk, also such an overload could easily lead to poor handling poor fuel efficiency and total damage of the car. Also try as much as possible don’t use tires that have lower load capacity.

In conclusion, applying these steps may not guarantee you 100% positive results but it sure does give you a clue as to how you can get the best out of your car driving experience.

And of course if you ever happen to get a flat tire on the road, please don’t hesitate to call our roadside assistance for the immediate help changing your tire.

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