Just like our body are prone to receive injuries just by simply encountering forces of nature beyond our control, the same can be said for car dents as the vehicles are prone to experience one sort of collision with another heavier object thereby leading to a bruising of the body panel. Car dents are not only caused by heavy collisions but can be attributed to other reasons such as frequent use of the car and exposure to elements (hailstorms when a car is left parked in the open) thereby weakening the body panel and causing it to give in. But one of the more probable causes and most likely to leave a dent at once is one a car accident happens. Regardless of the cause, having constant dents on the body of a car can be an unpleasant sight.

The practical thing to do for a car dent is to take in the vehicle to an auto body shop where the panel beaters have the necessary tools to return the car back to its previous state. Most people tend to wait for the dents to be either of a large proportion or accumulated smaller proportions before taking it in. For some people, the prospect of taking the car to a body shop is one that never props up first rather; the prospect of DIY car dent repairs is at the fore of their mind.

Steps To Repair a Dent in Your Vehicle

The first thing to do in any auto repair situation is to assess the damage and take note of what needs to be done. This requires an up-close look at the damage to determine how deep the dent is. The assessment determines if DIY is still something that ought to be contemplated. If the body of the car appears to have bumps and ripples making the surface seem folded, then it is no longer a matter of DIY but taking it to the body shop for repairs seeing as no DIY has the needed tools required for this scenario. Other dents that do not have the appearance of being folded, crumpled and creased can still be fixed by having the right tapping and popping techniques to reset them. But for the sturdier dents, the only plausible solution would be to purchase a panel replacement for the part of the car in which the dent can be found.

For the budding auto repairer engaging in the standard DIY car dent repairs, a very useful tool is the household plunger which has its uses outside a clogged sink. The plunger should be placed on the car dent so as to suction out the compressed metal and in an unrushed manner be depressed until all air has been removed. The plunger’s head and the panel should be closely fitted with no chance of air escaping so as to make the process smoother. If the technique is right, then holding the plunger and pulling it out should give a pop sound indicating the metal being returned back to its previous state and therefore there will be no need to repeat the process again. If a failure was experienced the first time, then the rubber head should be rubbed with water to get a tighter sealing.  The procedure stated above is more suited to the side panels of the car where simply tapping does not accomplish the desired results.

The tapping method can be used for other body parts that are more on the flat plain such as the hood of the car, roof and trunk. The tools required for the tapping method is the standard rubber mallet, an old towel and a piece/block of wood. Each of the aforementioned tools has their uses. The block of wood is most effective in measuring out the size of the car dent and the area which the tapping will have to be done but the wood must be one that can easily be gripped by one hand and not something heavier. The old towel is to assist in gripping the block due to the fact that it might have rough edges and loose threads that can further damage the body work of the car if not careful. The block should be placed gently on the opposing side of the metal panel which the dent can be found and with the aid of the rubber mallet, the tapping process can start. This task should not be carried out hurriedly but in a slow and steady pattern. The wood should be hit by the rubber mallet on its flat surface and not anywhere else.

Call a Tow Truck Company After a Collision For Quick Affordable Repairs

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