A new technological revolution in the auto industry has been born from the womb of Tesla Motors; the car is a revolutionary concept that seeks to merge function with innovation without sacrificing style. The newest of the autonomous cars is not just a self-drive car but it also comes with a unique feature which makes it able to learn the ways of the driver and also its immediate environment. This technology is one that seeks to leave other self-drive car makers behind, the main focus of Tesla in this project is to create a situation where the mean cost of maintaining the car can be lowered thus making it cheap enough for the average American to own and drive one.

There are certain features that make the Tesla car a one of a kind ride, among several other features, the following make it quite unique:

It makes use of machine learning

A lot of high-tech systems are being deployed by Tesla in this project, systems such as mapping data, connectivity and machine learning are being used to give it the optimum capacity so desired. The system utilized by Tesla certainly bears some semblance with that which Google uses, this technology is termed machine learning, it is a process composed of algorithms used to process and analyze data, from the data gotten accurate predictions are made on the basis of this data. Google is known to explore human responses and brings out results with time. For example, someone who loves furniture and constantly searches for materials on woodworking and articles on how to use them, this piece of information would certainly help such a one acquire data on how to build or renovate a piece of furniture. Someone else might see the list of outlets that retail wood. This technology is also been deployed by social network Kings Facebook. Facebook uses the same system when it makes the choice of what to put in your feed on the basis of who you exchange regular correspondence with and who you comment or like their posts more. this is exactly the type of technology Tesla is currently deploying.

It is a one of a kind artificially intelligent car

It may be a normal feature to have cars retain the memory of their individual experiences, however, it is even more unique when these cars work together as an interconnected system. This is exactly the case with Tesla cars, they make use of a certain type of artificial intelligence named machine learning, in as much as this is really not an all new concept, Tesla blazes the trail by being a leader in creating a Network of cars which make each car more intelligent by simply harnessing the various data acquired over time. An instance of this technology can be seen in the Google car which automatically freezes the moment it hits a red light at the traffic, this helps it avoid crashing into any other vehicle. As good as the Google brand sounds, Tesla seems to offer even better by being able to sense some normal driving scenarios such as when a different driver is changing lanes rather quickly.

Huge Data Collection Difference

The technology deployed by many companies in acquiring data involves uploading dozens of information into the computer, the data is then scrutinized and the relevant facts are removed. Once this is done, car makers begin including their own functions, a typical instance in this regard is the Apple car which is known to acquire its data by using their cars to go around streets and map them. Google, on the other hand, has been involved in the same approach. However, Tesla is quite different in this regard as a result of the fact that the data is being acquired by real individuals driving the cars daily and the relevant information being constantly uploaded on their computers thus making their autopilot system smarter. It is on record that the maps being developed by Tesla are about 100 times more reliable than any other.

Artificial Intelligence May Create Safer Vehicles

The awesome features of the Tesla cars such as its artificial intelligence, wide area inter-connectivity and so on make this car a one of a kind. However what makes the process even more exciting is the fact that as the Tesla cars in their various locations acquire relevant data such as the position of a pothole, or any other problems that may arise in traffic, the safer the cars become. This is achieved simply on the basis of shared information as the cars are interconnected hence the experience of one car is the experience of all the other cars.

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