The transportation industry is one which keeps growing as the years go by. In the transportation niche, there is the motorcycle sector which has gained popularity over a steady period of time and this can be attributed to a number of reasons ranging from the fact that they are eco-friendly, efficient in saving fuel, reliable on the road according to our roadside assistance data and the thrill that can only be associated with riding on the two wheels of a bike in the open air. All the before mentioned makes the prospect of owning a motorcycle highly appealing than owning an average vehicle.

What Happens Next With Motorcycle Manufacturers?

As a result of growing demand, automobile manufacturers that were more focused on the four wheels department of transportation have diversified their interests into motorcycles leading to more plants being open and newer models being released. This has amped up the competition amongst the manufacturers for who earns the right to the top spot. Even with sales factoring into the decision, popularity and rider experience is something that had to be considered before drawing up the top ten.

Even with the competitive state of the market, it is hard to say which motorcycle can give you the best ride for your buck. The concept of which motorcycle is the best had to be tossed out rather, the best-selling motorcycle concept was thought up. It is important to note that apart from the popular well-known Japanese Quartet of Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki the list makes mention of other companies based in America and Europe.


When it comes to motorcycle best sellers, the list cannot be complete without the inclusion of one of the biggest companies in Asia which is Honda. The motorcycle division of Honda alone accounts for 15 million of its revenue annually thereby cementing its position as one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers. A major factor that aids its thriving sales is its popularity in the Asian and North American market.


The Kawasaki motorcycles are manufactured in its motorcycle & engine division. The company spreads its creativity by providing a vast array of bikes for recreational sports to pro rallies. One of the major factors contributing to their sales is the fact that their engines are considered to be power houses and very reliable when going from one speed to the other. The production plants are in Asia (Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines) and North America.


When it comes to Yamaha, they are a well-known brand in professional racing with their range of bikes being found in rallies and dirt courses. The bikes themselves are known for having excellent performance and being easy to maneuver. The brand is well known in Japan as it originated there before spreading its reach. The number of dirt bikes it sells alone outweighs that sold by both Honda and Kawasaki.


The final representative of the Japanese Quartet in the motorcycle industry and a major contender when it comes to giving the other three a run for their money, the most popular models of the Suzuki motorcycles are the DR 400 and the GSXR 750. Its production facilities are over 35 in more than 21 countries.


This brand is from Italy and has its headquarters in Bologna. The manufacturer came into recognition in the year 1935 for its sport bikes. The company started its successful racing history in the year 1951 and at present, 6-7% of its revenue is spent on the racing business. The parent company is Audi through its Lamborghini subsidiary.


This brand is familiar to everyone even those who are not familiar with motorcycle brand names. It came into being in the 20th to 21st and has had a successful run.


The brand from Australia which specializes in 2-stroke and 4-stroke off road motorcycles amongst the dirt bikes and sports cars. The brand is owned by the two separate companies of CROSS Industries AG and Bajaj Auto Limited.

BMW Motorrad

The BMW Company happens to be amongst the oldest motorcycle manufacturers with the first bike going as far back as 1923. The company is well renowned for its sports touring bikes and road bikes, with the models such as K1600 and GS Adventure paving the way.


Triumph is the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the United Kingdom. The focus is placed on sports class and cruised road bikes.


Compared to the others on the list, Victory is a newbie which commenced manufacturing in the year 1998. The company has its base of operations in the US and its assembly plant in Iowa.

Motorcycle Towing You Can Trust

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