Interestingly enough, we here at tow truck near know not many car owners know how to properly clean and care for their vehicles. While it is easy to take it to the car wash and let them do their thing, it can be profitable for you as the car owner to take some time out and show your vehicle some one-on-one love and care. In this article we will be breaking down the essentials of giving your car a proper manual wash, and the do’s and don’ts that should be observed while cleaning and washing your ride.

So, if you are interested in learning all the tips and tricks to maintain your car like a professional, keep reading and you will surely learn more than a thing or two about it.



  • First things first when choosing a soap for car washing, you have to ensure that you pick a type which is specially designated for car washing. Yes, it truly makes all the difference in the world. Car washing soaps have been specially designed to protect your car’s paint and body work, and provide it the afterglow that comes with a newly washed car.
  1. PARK YOUR CAR OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHTWhile washing your car, you will need to act relatively fast between applying the soap and rinsing it off with water. Hence, you don’t need the added pressure from the sun drying off the soap too soon before you get a chance to rinse it off. Dried soap has a chance of leaving splotches all over your car.
  2. PREPARE YOUR TOOLSBefore any cook you have to prep your work station and ingredients, so also with washing your car have to prep the tools you will need to make use of. Set everything in a convenient reachable area surrounding your car. This way you can easily access whatever it is you need quickly, and your job done faster and better. So get the amount of water you will require ready, rags, buckets, hose and so on
  3. WASHING LIQUIDSHere, you are going to have to prepare your soap solution. Fill a bucket with water and add the desired amount of soap you will require in the water, or as directed by the bottle’s instructions. Also set aside another bucket of water for rinsing off your washing rags.
  4. SEAL YOUR CARThis is an important aspect that most people often forget. You have to seal your car! And by this we mean shut the doors properly and roll up your windows to the maximum. You don’t want soap and water getting into your car and ruining the interior.
  5. SPRAY LOOSE DIRTI find it a lot easier to spray the car before I begin washing. Doing this removes loose dirt from the car’s surface and provides extra moisture for the soap when you begin washing. It’s so much easier to wash a wet car, than a dry one.


  1. Ensure you make use of a clean wash mitt or sponge.
  2. Never use a brush on the body of your car, unless you want to style the body with scratches of course.
  3. Wash your car in sections, beginning from the top.
  4. Finish a section and rinse it off with the hose before moving on to another section
  5. Wash the entire car body at least twice, this ensures you are able to wash some spots you may have missed initially.
  6. Ensure that you rinse out the wash mitt or sponge frequently, before or after changing sections. This prevents dirt from accumulating on the sponge’s surface and rubbing off on the car.
  7. Wash the lower part of your car when you are done with the windows and windscreen, and the other parts of the car. This is because the lower part of the car is the dirtiest and contains coarse dirt and tiny stones which could potentially ruin your car’s body work.
  8. While washing the lower part, you may decide to make use of a different wash mitt or glove.
  9. To scrub your car’s wheels, make use of a skinny wheel brushing for washing the wheel’s openings. If the wheels are not dirt, you can make use of a sponge to clean the wheel with just a little water.
  10. Wash the car tire’s sidewalls with the aid of a plastic brush for a firmer scrub and for uprooting dirt between the tire’s grooves.
  11. Rinse out the inner lower portion of your car with the hose, angling it differently at each point to remove the dirt, and possibly salt.
  12. Rinse the whole car with the hose.
  13. Use clean and fresh towels to dry off your car’s body.

There you have it guys, broken down easy tips to follow while giving your car some love.

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