The importance of the brakes of a car can never be overemphasized, no matter how beautiful or fast a car is, or even how many horsepower it generates if the brakes are non-functional or under functional, there will certainly be some real problem for the car owner. Many people have fallen victims of mishaps simply because they failed to take certain simple precautionary steps to avert the occurrence of such as it affects the health and general well being of their brakes.
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However, carrying out basic maintenance of your car brakes is not really as complex as many may want to believe, carrying out your own brake care may appear to be a really challenging task, although, when you are versatile in it, you will discover that it is not really as complex as you initially thought, as a matter of fact, you will begin to wonder why you had not been involved in it before. It is worthy of note that the brakes of your car have five major components namely: the rotors, the brake pad, the caliper, the line and the master cylinder. For you to service or repair them, a good working knowledge of each one would definitely suffice.

Master cylinder and brake lines:

there is a hydraulic principle behind the operation of the car brakes, what this means is that the brakes make use of fluids to transmit the power of your foot on the car pedal to the actual wheel brakes. The starting point of the flow of power is the master cylinder. If a fault arises with the master cylinder, it won’t be able to transmit enough fluid to the car brakes; therefore you ought to regularly check the brake fluid for its level of cleanliness. As long as you have ascertained that the fluid is clean, and the components are functioning very well, you can now check the brakes mechanical components.

Pads, calipers and rotors:

these components all function with the task of stopping your car. In the event of you pressing on the brake pedal, fluid is sent by the master cylinder to the brake caliper which squeezes together, hence exerting a force on the brake pads, therefore the importance of examining your calipers cannot be over emphasized. When the calipers squeeze, the brake pad influences the rotors into halting your car movement. However, in the event of worn brake pads, they can’t make a smooth connection with the rotors and this, in turn, leads to the gradual wear out of rotors due to the rough and uneven edges.
Nowadays, the cars come with indicators for wear that makes a squealing noise to show that it is due for replacement, however, it is advisable to get them replaced even before hearing the squealing sound, and it is also advisable to check your car brake rotors to ascertain that there is no wear.

Brake schedule of maintenance

Following the prescribed maintenance schedule as contained in your car manual will certainly help keep you in check regards remembering when your brakes are due for maintenance, however, in the case of forgetfulness, it is advisable to check your brake strength after every 12,000 miles covered. Some car manufacturers recommend that they should be replaced after most of it has been worn off to about 1/8 inch or thereabout remaining, some also recommend outright change after every 25,000 miles covered. Also, it is advisable to check your brake fluid for dirt, in the case of this; it is advisable it should be changed. It is, however, advisable that you make changes as it suits your car considering that each car has its own unique peculiarities.

What to consider as regards brake maintenance

Maintaining your car brakes does not only bother on the safety benefits but also its overall effect on your finances. That is the reason to choose the reliable car maintenance and repair service providers near you.
The maintenance of brakes generally involves installing new brake pads and carrying out the resurfacing of brake rotors, these services vary in cost from car to car. However, the cost of maintaining a brake is certainly not comparable to the cost of repairing same, repairs of the pads and rotors usually cost a considerable amount of cash. In addition to these, it is imperative that only the services of a professional be engaged when it comes to the maintenance and repairs of the car brakes, many quacks abound who only end up aggravating minor issues as it relates to your cars, also, only the right spare parts should be used at all times for the best results possible.

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