The engine of a car is basically the heart of the car, so long as the heart of a man is without any fault, there is every tendency that he will continue living fine and without problems, however, whenever an issue proceeds from the heart, the whole body bears the full brunt. The same thing can be said of the car engine, hence the need to keep it healthy and active at all times. However, before attempting to find out how to keep our engines healthy so you never need a tow truck unexpectedly, it is quite imperative to find out what makes it rather unhealthy:

Common causes of Engine problems

  • Irregular oil change over
  • Low oil levels when driving
  • Car overheating
  • Poor quality of fuel
  • Non-usage of car over prolonged periods
  • Manufacturer’s flaws

Importance of oil changes

A car engine is a unit that contains a many moving parts, and it is an established fact that motion brings friction and the friction causes heat and heat cause wear and tear. The engine oil is therefore healthy in the sense that it helps to lubricate or if you may “smooth” the engine movements, but, as time goes on, the engine oil degrades in value and quality, it loses its ability to lubricate and then carbonises under high temperatures. That’s why a regular change of the engine oil helps keep your car clean internally and avoid future car repairs. Failure to change your oil regularly exposes your car to the buildup of carbon sludge in the engine. The car vents then provide a pathway for them to be passed inside the engine intake and built-up inside the throttle body and also on the valves. This simply ends up causing power shortage, therefore, if you want to find out the quality and state of your oil, dip a stick into it and have a look at it.

Why you should know your oil level

Because the engine is a hot zone, some volume of oil is burnt off within it. This, in turn, leads to a drop in the overall quantity and quality of oil. It is very imperative to be constantly aware with the current levels of your engine oil, failure to top it off when necessary could easily lead to engine damage. Many cars come with reminders for maintenance alerts that notify you when to go for a general checkup of your cars, this systems are often times equipped to notify you of a drop in the level of the oil, however, necessity is still laid on you to find out the oil levels manually, as a matter of fact, no matter how busy you are, you should check it out at least once a month, it wouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

How do I locate the oil dipstick?

Many people get confused trying to locate the oil dipstick. It is quite easy to locate, all you need to do is check your user guide, within the guide, it can be found in the maintenance section, when you access it, you will typically find the map of the location of the various components. The dipstick normally has a bright handle with the inscription “engine oil” written on it

Protect your car engine from being overheated

The fuel being combusted in the car engine generates a whole lot of heat, hence the need for the car cooling system, the cooling system is saddled with the responsibility of passing around liquid coolants all the way from the engine to the installed radiator at the front of the car where the coolant gets cooled by the air traveling through the radiator fins. However, a little challenge by the cooling system and the whole engine could easily become a victim of overheating which in turn could end up damaging the car engine. Coolant leaks are a common occurrence with cars, and it should be noted that they are not really good for the car, hence if one is located; it is advisable to quickly fix it so as to avert a situation of overheating or breaking down and needed a towing company

Mineral oil versus synthetic oil: which is the better?

More recent cars tend to favor the use of synthetic oil due to the fact that it offers greater defense for the car engine, among several other advantages, synthetic oil can withstand higher heat values and last longer without losing its ability lubricate, furthermore it doesn’t get thicker at cold temperatures synthetic oil has its major use in severe conditions or where there is excessive load and so on, however, when using synthetic oil, it is advisable to adhere to rules that govern its usage such as regular changing of the oil.

If you keep your car healthy and stay on top of the scheduled maintenance, your car or truck will last longer and run better. We know sometimes engine fail unexpectedly despite your best efforts of care, so if you ever find yourself in need of reliable towing we can help.

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