Subaru seems to have been experiencing better fortunes as of late, with better sales and profit levels being posted in the previous year. This feat has been achieved mainly through the production of a line of cars that include cars that cover a broad spectrum; one of those cars is the Subaru Outback. Termed the first “SUV Wagon” in the world, this car has been very much active since the year 1994 and currently holds the record as the brand’s highest selling car, it is a direct combination of function and style.

The Subaru Outback seems to be the answer for recent cravings for something that is on the lookout for a non-SUV that suits their specific lifestyles, the 2018 Subaru Outback is currently being prepped for unveiling at dealer stands in the next couple of weeks, the cost has already being made known showing not much of an increase in this regard.


A look at the front of this car shows an upgraded bumper that comes with enlarged intakes down below, this is in addition to a horizontal hexagonal grille over it, this is cut across by a major polished bar that houses the car Badge of the Subaru. You also find C-shaped headlights that come with Konoji LED daytime running lights. The car makers have also come out to clearly state that there are new character lines that stretch out on a straight line starting from the grille. Also, the bumper section below comes with a matte black cover to help prevent rocks and sand from damaging the paint. The bumper corners also spot large LED lights.

On the other hand, the car has a side view that shows features such as an upgraded side height in addition to an elongated roofline that seeks to carry more stuff out back. There should also be four doors for the car occupants along with metal frames for the windows. Behind the car, there are also some quite striking upgrades, the back hatch for one flips up by using a hinge that is installed on top, also the trailing edge of the roof is extended as a result of an integrated spoiler, the backlights also extend into the back fender hence continuing the well known top character line.

At the top of the car, you find striking features such as roof rails as well as retractable crossbars as standards.


the exterior of the Subaru has already been concluded to come out rough and tough, the interior, by contrast, is sure to be the reverse case in this regard, the interior certainly spots the major changes that the 2018 model comes with, the comfortability, safety and fun capabilities of the car have been put into great consideration. First and foremost is the new centre console design. The outlay may not be that different from the predecessor, but there is a reshuffling of the switches and buttons so as to contain equipment changes, the car clock has also been remodelled to come out bigger.

Although the interior may never win the best car interior of the century, it sure does make a point of its own, it comes very simple and straightforward, the implication of this is that the car combines both functional and luxurious at the same time. Furthermore, the doorsill kick plates come with an upgrade that helps it have better access to items located on the car roof, the car makers have also come out to say that the Outback will come with the more spacious room for any car in that category. As far as comfort is concerned, the all new Outback spots a quieter inside due to a lot of changes in the drive train. There is also of course less noise due to a pair of aerodynamic side mirrors, there is also better sound protection for the front glass, and also better rear aprons.

The infotainment section also witnesses some real changes, for one it comes with the 6.2 inches touch Screen been abandoned for a larger 6.5 inches screen thus offering a more upgraded performance, the higher versions get an 8.0 inch unit with upgraded operation compared only to those obtainable on Smartphones. The voice command function also receives major improvements with inputs from OK Google and Apple Siri.


The car comes with a 2.5litre four cylinder engine which comes with double overhead cams, the output for this setup is about 175 horsepower as well as about 174 pound-feet of torque, it also comes in 3.6 litres six cylinder engine which produce up to 256 horsepower and 274 pound-feet of torque, its acceleration is also to reach up to 60mph in 7.1 seconds and also a 139 mph top speed. It should also be of interest to anyone that the car has a load bearing capacity of up to 2,700 pounds. Our network is still waiting to hear about reliability and cost of auto repairs but Subaru has a great track record with roadside assistance and towing.


The entry level Subaru 2.5i is expected to cost around 25,895 dollars which are just a little more than the outgoing model, while the premium model should cost about 27,995 to 32,695 dollars. The car is already out on sales in dealerships across many locations

We here at are big fans of Subaru and are excited to see this car on the road.

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