Vehicle to use for Towing

Rules for TowingIf you ever plan to use your vehicle for towing, it becomes very important for you to be completely acquainted with the rules and regulations that are meant to be followed while towing. Some of the most important guidelines are listed below.

Safety –

  • Tires with correct pressure.
  • Properly working rear light clusters.
  • No rust and fully lubricated components.
  • If with braked trailers, the brakes must be perfectly operating.
  • In open trailers, proper equipments for tying the loads.
  • In closed trailers, correctly operating rear latches to prevent any burst opens.
  • Once the trailer is hitched, safety chain must surely be attached.

Engine Power and Torque –

  • The power and torque are the main characteristics that classify a vehicle’s capability for towing another. The tow vehicle should always be selected keeping these two points in consideration.
  • An insufficient power or torque can prevent a tow vehicle from pulling the load or moving forward on an uphill stretch.

Best suitable vehicle for the tow –

  • For unbraked trailers that have no brakes on the trailer wheels, the pulling capacity lies in the limit of 750kgs which is even lesser in case the car is smaller.
  • The braked trailers on the other hand are equipped with brakes on their wheels and have the capacity of pulling weights between 1500- 3500kgs depending upon the type of vehicle being used.

The line of drive –

  • The driver should take care of the rear ends while towing which is often misguided if following the line swept by the rear wheels.
  • In bulky load carried at the rear, extra caution is required while towing.

Control during swaying –

  • In case a trailer starts swaying on your tow drive, the best control can be made by stopping the use of accelerator.
  • No brakes and dropping of the speed automatically brings the trailer in line with the tow vehicle.
  • Good hold of the wheel and no sudden movements can help you further.

Well operating gearbox and clutch –

  • Increased clutch pressure makes the vehicle slip.
  • Increased pressure on the gearbox causes overheat of the fluid and stripping the teeth off the cogs and even further damages.

The Chassis strength –

  • The chassis should be rigid enough to be able to handle the heavy weight that is exerted upon it while uphill acceleration.

Apart from the above guidelines, a driver is compulsorily required to follow some very important points that include –

  • Always tow a trailer weight in accordance with your license permit.
  • Always load your vehicle or the trailer to be towed in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines of the vehicle.
  • Always be careful about the safety of the objects being loaded in your trailer which should be safe from collisions inside and at the same time not sharply peeping outside to cause harm to other vehicles outside.

Always be careful with the usage of headlights which becomes a very important factor when you are towing a vehicle.

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