Most mobile businesses need a means of transport whereby they can easily meet the needs of their customers or attend to the needs of the business itself. As a result, it comes as no surprise that there tend to be company vans and cars for the express use of the business readily available to help in the business of the day at any point in time. The vehicle also indirectly serves as an advertising tool for a business and creates awareness among individuals. Out of all the vehicles to be found being used for such purposes, the most common type happens to be the utility vehicles which we use for many of our tow trucks.

Occupations around the world involving the providing of services such as landscaping, painting, contracting, ranching and other fields which require hauling equipment from one place to another have made the standard means of transporting a utility vehicle. This is due to the fact that their convenience surpasses other vehicles on the market. Items such as hoses, pipes, blocks, feed, trolleys, ladders, compressors amongst others can easily be loaded into the vehicle at one go and transported to the place where it is needed like that of a towing company.

Due to the vast use of these vehicles, most of the manufacturers have designed accessories to pair alongside their use thereby making the prospect of its usage more appealing to labour intensive workers. Contractors and farmers who need means to transport heavy duty equipment can take advantage of the versatility of these vehicles. Modifying the vehicles to accommodate more specialized utilities can maximise the usage of space thereby increasing efficiency. Having these accessories handy permits one to customize the vehicle to their own unique needs and specifications. The accessories are:

This happens to be the first choice of most individuals when it comes to vehicle personalization. The tray can placed in the bed of a pickup as a replacement and thereby serving as a transport surface for any load. The tray has its differences from the traditional one in the way that it is placed above the wheel well allowing for the load or cargo to be easily removed or loaded. This eliminates the need to bend and reach while still improving the chances for more customizations.

  • Tailgates & Drop down Sides

Adding the tailgate and drop down side is something totally up to individual preference but it can prove very handy as it ensures that the cargo on the tray are kept well in the storage area. Steps can also be installed alongside them or at the back of the vehicle to make the task of reaching the back of the vehicle easy. When one needs to step up to the tray, the steps can be easily pulled down and when not in use folded up and stored.

  • Tie down hooks

Another accessory that a good majority of people choose to have installed on the tray is the tie-down hook. The location of them is up to individual preference as specific locations along the edges can be targeted or they can instead be in the guise of rails running the entire length of the truck bed making it easier for ropes and straps to be secured. Accessories like this make their usefulness felt by preventing cargo and equipment from slipping when in transit.

  • Ladder racks

This happens to be the most common accessory installed by individuals when it comes to utility vehicle customization. These ladder racks are often custom made to be installed directly to the tray thereby allowing heavy equipment like tubes, trolleys and pipes to be boarded on the bed of the truck. Having this makes use of the space available on board the truck and doubles the amount of cargo that can be loaded.

  • Pull-out drawers

Another means of increasing the total space in the truck is by adding pull out drawers to the underside of its bed. The pull-out drawers come in various shapes and sizes so they can each fit different truck models. They are especially useful for storing small items that can easily go missing as well as hand held tools. They are often fitted with locks and keys so as to ensure the security of items placed into them.

  • Ute Tool boxes

To accommodate the varying needs of individuals, the ute tool boxes like the pull-out drawers come in various shapes and sizes. Installation is done against the trucks’ cab consisting of drawers and cabinets. Whatever your cusomtizations are these are all cosmetic, so make sure you maintain your vehicle properly to avoid having a situation where you would need a truck towing service like ours. 

The type of accessories used to customize a vehicle makes it easier to model the vehicle to ones unique need and preference.

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